Me & Mine: October

October has been a pretty good month, we have slowly adjusted into the autumn weather and now we are really enjoying it with winter country walks, coming home to the smell of chicken stew cooking in the slow cooker, and then cuddling up with a hot chocolate and watching a film together, Mummy has also been shopping with friends quite a lot. We are now getting excited for what we have planned for the next 2 months, we have a few parties, Isla's 3rd Birthday, a surprise exciting trip and of course Christmas followed by New Year. Time is going by so quickly and at times it does become a bit overwhelming, but for now I'm just enjoying my little family and spending time with my girl before she starts nursery in January. 

Mummy's October Highlights
- Getting a slow cooker and cooking a lovely beef stew and dumplings! Mmm.
- Watching the leaves turn brown, yellow and orange, the trees look so beautiful.
- Going on winter walks in the country side in our wellingtons.
- Going out for afternoon tea with my Mum, Nan and Auntie, followed by shopping. 

Daddy's October Highlights
- Getting his new mountain bike.
- Cooking some nice beef roast dinners, which were enjoyed by everyone.
- Mummy going out and enjoying herself, a couple of times child free.
- Going on country walks with the family.

Isla's October Highlights
- Doing art crafts with leaves she collected from the park.
- Getting her new wellingtons, which she cant stop wearing all the time. 
- Going to a Halloween party at soft play, she dressed up as a devil. 
- Spending the night at Nanny and Grandad's house, it has been quite a while since she last did.

Archie's October Highlights
- Learning to say Mumma.
- Learning to shake his head sideways (No)
- Dressing up as Frankenstein for his 1st Halloween.
- Dressing up smart for a party and getting lots of attention.

dear beautiful


  1. Ooh I'm excited to find out about your surprise trip haha! Glad you've been having some 'me' time, we really do need it once in a while xx ps yay to the slowcooker haha xx

    1. Haha you may have seen a few comments on my Facebook and already know. Yes we do it was honestly amazing but I didn't know what to do with my hands haha!xx

  2. I am loving all the autumn pictures around, lovely capture xx

  3. Lovely Autumn pictures :) I keep meaning to invest in a slow cooker, stew with dumplings is one of my Winter faves. #meandmine

    1. Mine too! We only got ours recently and I'm so glad we did :) x


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