Preparing For Weaning

Archie turned 6 months on the 2nd November and we started a mixture of BLW and puree feeding with him, most of it being baby led which he is thoroughly enjoying. I thought I would share how we prepared (actually this post was meant to go up a month ago but shh)

The first and most important thing is the high chair, babies need to be sat upright and in a supported seat, I spent ages hunting around for a high chair as unfortunately Isla's old one got damaged while it was in storage. In the end I went for the Fisher Price space saver high chair, and I am really happy with it and I love that the tray can go in the dish washer and that I don't have a bulky high chair in the kitchen. For how often we have people over to eat its not really a problem for us either having it on one of the dining chairs, it also means he can sit up with us at the table too which is nice. 

I picked him up a couple of plates and bowls from Asda in the baby event just so he could have his own new ones instead of using Isla's old pink ones, although she has already used his ones so I think they will be sharing. We have a few spoons left from when Isla was weaning so for now they will do. 

I got these bibs in Sainsbury's as I like the pull over ones as Isla always use to pull her bibs off. I also got him one of the Tommee Tippee catcher bibs as they are a lifesaver and so handy for BLW. We also have a big splash mat for the floor, as BLW is very very messy. 

What are your favourite things for weaning?

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