The Importance Of Teddy Bears

So your having a baby, what is one of the first things you can think of to buy? Well for me it was a teddy bear or soft animal of some kind, it just feels like the most suitable thing. I now have a almost 3 year old and a 6 month old, so its safe to say we have a more than a few soft animals and teddy bears in this household! Over the years we have had many of them, ones from family and friends, some out of grabby machines, some from a current favourite character and then the ones with 1st Christmas etc. I have to say we have donated a lot of them as they do soon take over, but we do have a collection that we just cant throw away, because these bears are special, they are important. 
Isla tends to go to a teddy bear when she needs a bit of comfort, like if she is ill we will tuck her up on the sofa with a blanket and her teddy bear, or times when she has fallen over and hurt herself she will sit with a teddy, it must give her some sort of comfort having something soft and cuddly to cuddle. We have a few very special teddies that live on Islas bed, these ones she sleeps with and when we tuck her into bed at night time she has these laying next to her, again it must be some sort of comfort for her. Teddy Bears are great for providing her that comfort when I am unable to, and sometimes a teddy bear may give better comfort than me. Isla doesn't have a favourite teddy bear that she cant go anywhere without, she's quite flexible with them which I like, but she does tend to get attached to certain stuffed animals in a shop and most of these we do end up buying for her.

If we go to a new place or to families house that she doesn't see often she does tend to get very shy and reserved, we have had a few times that she has taken a teddy with her and holds on tightly to it, probably for comfort and security. I also catch Isla having a picnic with her stuffed toys, she will sit them on a blanket and pretend to feed them all cake and tea, she talks to them asking what they want and also makes them talk to each other. Its the most sweetest thing watching her play and have a teddy bears picnic with all her favourites. 

As for Archie, he also has a fair collection of teddy bears, he has a little peter rabbit that rattles, and this is the best one at getting him off to sleep. He also likes teddy bears even if he does spend half his time chewing and slobbering on them haha. 

Teddy Bears are important because they provide comfort, security, they give social skills, and can help children when they feel scared. You can make someone feel loved by getting them a bear and showing your love to someone, there are teddy bears for all sorts of occasions, if your unwell etc. We also got a teddy for Isla to give to Archie when she met him, she felt so important giving it to him. We also have teddy bears that play music and are our saviour for getting Archie to sleep, that's definitely one important teddy!
We got a teddy bear when I was pregnant with Isla, a Gund bear to be exact, and we even put this bear in the car seat when we was learning how the straps worked, unfortunately we lost this bear when we first moved and I have been a bit gutted since, we wasn't sure exactly where it was from as my Mum won it in a raffle but now I know that Say It With Bears has them, and they can also personalise them too! So I will be ordering the same one for Isla and I may get one for Archie in a alternative colour, and get there names put on them, I would like them to be special bears. 

Does your child have a special comforter or teddy bear that travels everywhere with them?

*Collaborative post. All words and opinions are my own.

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