Weaning Archie

We started weaning Archie at 6 months old, which is almost a month ago now! We are doing a mixture of BLW and puree food, this way works out the best for us at the moment, but mostly he has finger food, when we are out he has a pouch and some finger snacks - so a mixture of both feeding ways. His first BLW meal was dinner and we had a beef roast, he managed to eat a whole Yorkshire pudding which he thoroughly enjoyed, mash and veg. We have since had another roast dinner and this time he sucked on slices of beef and seemed to really enjoy that too. He seems such a good eater already, he really loves his food. The first week he had mostly what we was having at the time, he seems to enjoy dinner the most. Here is a list of some of the foods he has been enjoying (and some photos), maybe you can get some ideas and also if you have any recommendations please comment below so I can try him on new things! 

Breakfast - Porridge (either feeds himself with the mam dipper cutlery or I feed it to him) Toast which is cut into slices for him to eat himself. Fruit which he feeds himself or a rusk (trying to use them up)

Lunch - Grated cheese, rice cakes, banana, tangerine, a puree fruit pouch which I feed to him, milk biscuits, boiled egg sliced up, pasta, skinless sausages, strawberries in a mesh feeder, carrot puffs.

Dinner - mainly what we have, rice with korma sauce, naan bread, beef stew, chicken stew, pasta with sauce, Shepard's pie, mash potato, roast dinner, sweet and sour stir fry, spaghetti bolognese, and so much more! 

With the banana i half peel it so he can easily hold onto the bottom of it without it flying out of his hands!

Having his first solids, definitely a Yorkshire pudding monster!

Wasn't a fan of the raspberry rice cakes..

Feeding himself a yogurt for dessert.

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