Isla's 3rd Birthday Presents

I cant believe Isla will be 3 soon! These years seem to be getting quicker the more she is growing, she is changing so much everyday and learning new things its just crazy. So this year we are throwing her a little party for friends and family, and then the following weekend when her birthday is we will actually be away so we decided that on the day we will take her in the shops and within reason buy her what she picks out, this just saves us having to lug her presents with us. We have bought her a few presents which she will open at her party.

We bought her 5 presents this year, and we have also bought her and Archie 5 Christmas presents as well, I thought 5 was a good amount. So we decided to get her this year...

1. A hard bodied baby & outfit - Isla has been asking for a hard bodied baby for ages now, we see this one in Wilkinsons for £8 and its actually quite a big size (45cm) I also noticed they had the dress up outfits for the dolls (£3) and you could also get the exact same outfit for your little ones, I decided not to buy the matching blue dress as Isla has got a Cinderella dress for her Birthday and I thought she would like her baby to wear the same dress.

2. Barbie unicorn set - We picked up this Barbie in the half price Sainsbury's toy event for £12.50, it comes with a pink unicorn and also a brush. Isla loves Barbie's so we thought this would be perfect and she also loves horses too so she will love that her Barbie has one...well kinda. 

3. Frozen Pyjamas - We picked these up in Primark for £6 as she loves Frozen and is in need for some new pyjamas! 

4. The Little Mermaid set - This was £15.95 and something I wouldn't normally buy for so much for what you get, but I actually won a £50 gift card so decided to buy the kids a couple of presents out of it. I know she is going to love this as she has really got into the Disney Princess's lately and she also loves little cases and small toys. 

5. Shopping List game - I got this on offer in Tesco for £4.50 as she is getting to such a good age now for us to play games together, I have also asked family to get her games too as we can play them when Archie is sleeping, or on rainy days. I like that it is educational too which is always a bonus! 

So that is everything we have bought her for her Birthday this year, we are also getting her a bike but will be getting that as the weather warms up and we will let her pick out a couple of presents on her actual Birthday too. 

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