Me & Mine: December

December is always a very busy and exciting month for us, we celebrate Isla's Birthday on the 19th December and this year she turned 3! We also had the added excitement this year of spending a week in Disneyland Paris for Isla's Birthday. She did also have a little party at home the weekend before we left for Paris. We got home from Disney and only had 2 days to prepare for Christmas and do all our food shopping so we was very busy, but it all came together and we still had a wonderful Christmas day, this year we decided to stay at home which we have never done before so that was nice, it was also Archie's 1st Christmas too and our first in our new house. Unfortunately both of the kids have been really unwell since just after Christmas and Isla is currently on antibiotics. I am so glad all the busy hectic weeks are over and I'm looking forward to starting a fresh new year with my little family. This month we have 2 extra guests in our family photo, we couldn't not really!

Mummy's December Highlights
- Succesfully drawing the Disney castle all by hand for Isla's party!
- Celebrating Isla's Birthday in Disneyland Paris.
- Eating lots of chocolate, cake and biscuits!
- Watching the kids faces in Disney and on Christmas Day.

Daddy's December Highlights
- Spending a week with his family in Disneyland.
- Getting Lego Technic for Christmas (Mum did good)
- Cooking a edible Christmas dinner which was yummy!
- Getting Isla her first proper bike and she loves it.

Isla's December Highlights
- Getting a Cinderella dress for her Birthday.
- Having a lovely little party with her family and friends.
- Going to Disneyland and meeting Minnie and Mickey Mouse.
- Seeing all her presents on Christmas morning. 

Archie's December Highlights
- Learning to crawl!
- Meeting Goofy and pulling his ears, also grabbing Pluto and Mickey Mouse's nose.
- Eating good food over Christmas.
- His new toys which he cant stop playing with.

Our 2015 Me and Mine Photos! 

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  1. Aww these Disney pictures are gorgeous!! I'm so excited to properly join in next year too xx

    1. Im looking forward to seeing your photos :) xx

  2. Lovely photos! Disney is such a magical place but I'd love to visit at Christmas as it looks just extra special.

    1. It was definitely more magical and special with it being Christmas time, id highly recommend it :) x

  3. Ahhh I didn't know you'd been to Disneyland, how amazing!!! I hope you blog lots about it, I'd love to read about it! I`m dying to take the kids! xx

    1. Yes I have a whole load of blog posts and videos to do about Disney :D xx


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