Me & Mine: November

Wow where did November go? November seemed to go by in a flash, I cant believe today is the 1st December either.. another year is almost over and I am so happy to be starting a fresh year, but first we have a very exciting month ahead of us. So November has had its highs and lows, from going to a grotto blogger event at intu Lakeside, Daddy's Birthday, and then to a couple of lows towards the end of the month, I recently made a post about one. Some news we received has made us appreciate family and life so much more, and now I am starting to feel ok about it, I am looking forward to ending this year with a awesome month! Archie is at such a great age now, his personality is really starting to shine through, as for my big Girl she is just amazing me everyday with new things. Like she can now opens bags of crisps (time to move them to the top) I just cant believe how big she is getting, and she will be starting Nursery in January too! This months photo was taken by the photographer at the event, he actually took it as I came 1st in a competition and won a £50 intu Lakeside voucher!

Mummy's November Highlights
- Winning the competition at the grotto blogger event, I don't normally ever win anything!
- Having a meal out with Daddy was very nice.
- Weaning Archie has been so much fun this month.
- Getting crafty and drawing a huge castle for my Princess's party. 

Daddy's November Highlights
- Getting a new PS4 game and becoming addicted to it.
- Taking the kids to see Santa, even though Isla wasn't keen.
- Setting up Archie's 1st set of wheels.
- Cooking the best beef roast dinner.

Isla's November Highlights
- Going to soft play with her friends.
- Loves having a hot chocolate now and cuddling up in a blanket.
- Getting new clothes for a trip.
- Being Cinderella for her photos for her party!

Archie's November Highlights
- Weaning. Need I say more, this boy loves his food.
- Meeting Santa for the first time.
- Learning to walk in his new walker.
- Laughing at his sister when she is being told off!

So there we have it, another Me & Mine, I cant believe my first year is almost over from joining in. I will definitely be doing it again next year, we did miss August this year which I am really upset by. But we did get some lovely photos when we probably wouldn't of if it wasn't for this. Ive learnt a lot and am looking forward to giving this a good shot next year!
dear beautiful


  1. Aww well done in winning, I never win anything either haha! Here's to a better December for you, I can't believe Isla is going to be 3! LOVE her face in the Santa pic haha xx

    1. Thanks! I was so surprised! HAHA I know, she was his number 1 fan ;) xx


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