Me & Mine | January

January seems to have been the slowest month e v e r, it doesn't help that for a whole half of the month both the children and myself have been ill with chest infections, cold and flu! I am feeling better now but the children are still sniffling and coughing. We have had a few adventures this month which has been nice, we have had a action packed few weeks in-between being stuck at home unwell, its been nice to be busy and to kick start the year with adventures. My blog has also had a make over to freshen up for a new year, I hope you all like it. Although I seem to be having a few issues so hopefully they will be resolved soon. Archie has grown so much and now is crawling and pulling himself up on everything, even up the stairs! Isla started nursery this month, and in just the 3 days she has already done I cant believe the difference in her. She has adjusted amazingly and I couldn't be more proud of her, it also means Archie and I get every Wednesday to ourselves so we also get a lovely quality day together. 2016 has started off great and I hope it stays that way.

Disneyland Paris Series

So as you may already know we went to Disneyland Paris in December for Isla's 3rd Birthday, we was away for 4 nights and 5 days and we had the best time ever! It was extra magical with the park being all decorated for Christmas, and this definitely helped us with getting excited for Christmas. We got home on the night of the 22nd December and then only had 2 days until Christmas so it was really nice to break up the drag before Christmas, well for me anyway as I get the most excited! 

Im going to be writing a few blog posts about our trip to Disneyland Paris, if anyone is thinking of going or even booked to go, I hope I can offer you some help. I think Im going to start my series off with some posts of what we did and share some of the thousands of photos that I took while out there. Then I will be doing some posts going into detail about certain subjects like eating out, meeting the characters, rides for toddlers, hotels and so much more. 

I will leave all posts linked down below so you can easily find them and access them from this one post. I hope you enjoy them and find them useful, and when you do go I hope you have a truly magical time. If you have any questions at all then please do ask and I will happily answer them for you.

Blog Posts

Aldi Baby Event

So today Aldi had its baby event and I decided to pop to my local store and have a browse, I think its the first time I've been when a baby event has been on so I was keen to see what I could pick up. We do our weekly shopping in Aldi now and have been getting on really well since making the change from Tesco.

I thought I would show you the bits I picked up today in the event, I was really pleased with what they had on offer and would have bought more if I was with Perry in the car, but because I had the pram and a couple of thin bags I couldn't get the bits I would of liked.

The first bits I picked up were from the brand Nuby, I have always liked the Nuby products we have bought in the past so was happy they were in Aldi. The 2 pack of divide plates were just 99p! Straight in the basket they went, especially now Isla and Archie use plates you can never have enough. I then picked up this 12oz sippy cup for Archie, I liked that it come with a lid so I'm going to use this one for the nappy bag, and also the big size means it will last all day, this was £1.79.

I needed wet wipes so picked up 2 packs which were 59p each, and I picked up some cotton wool pads for £1.29 for 60, they are so handy - I use them to take off my eye make up and I also like to bathe Archie's eyes too if they get sleepy. Also Isla has recently had conjunctivitis and these are fab for bathing poorly eyes.

My Wild Ones | 4

We decided to visit our favourite place, the beach. Its one of my favourite places and I have a lot of memories on this beach so always feel at home when I come. I want that to be the same for my children too, Isla already loves going to the beach and playing in the sand, although today we didn't bring a bucket and spade as it was too cold.

Mummy & Me | January

We have made it our aim to have lots of adventures this year so I am so happy for once I actually have a few photos of me and my little ones. Not any together with them both though, but I am getting there! We have done a lot of exploring outside this month in-between being ill with cold and flu, so we have had quite a few opportunities to get some nice shots. 

 ^ this is one of my favourites!

Winter Beach Walk | 52 Adventures

We headed to my favourite beach for our 3rd Adventure, I have a lot of memories from growing up here and as soon as I walk onto this beach I just feel at home. It is my happy place, and its a place I want my children to look back on and remember happy memories. We didn't stay long as it was so cold, we just went for a walk along the beach and then headed home when we couldn't feel our fingers and toes anymore! Isla loves the beach, she will happily play with the sand, collect stones and shells while admiring the sea in amazement. Archie had his first sand experience, we sat him down and he immediately put his hands into it and then looked disgusted with me for letting him do so. Its going to be so much fun with them both on the beach this year, I'm sure he will love it as much as his Sister soon enough.

My Wild Ones | 3

We've been hit once again by the curse of cold & flu! We've had this on and off since mid December and the beginning of this year being the worst, last week we was all feeling better and starting to get back to normal and then boom we are all unwell again. I feel so drained from it all and I honestly cant wait for it all to be over again, there is nothing worse than seeing your babies unwell. They both haven't had much interest in playing this week apart from today, they are starting to feel a bit better thankfully.

They love playing with their toot toot drivers, I cannot recommend them enough, its a age appropriate toy for them both and it helps their bond so much as they play together for hours with these, its so lovely to sit and watch them play. Archie is so playful now and really joins in which is nice as Isla loves being social and interacting with other children. 

I caught a few snaps of them playing before they caught me in the act... 

Nimble Babies Bottle Cleaner

We have recently been trying out the new Nimble Babies Bottle Cleaner, ill admit I've never enjoyed cleaning the bottles, with Isla we sterilised until 12 months and with Archie have followed the guidelines and stopped at 6 months as its not totally necessary anymore. I do feel guilty about it but it's just such a hassle sterilising the bottles after washing them all as well as the other 99 jobs I have to do everyday! So when cleaning our bottles we usually use a tiny bit of washing up liquid and then thoroughly rinse the bottles, but they always still smell a bit after of the washing liquid, they are cloudy with residue from the soap and although they are clean, they just don't look it.

The Nimble Babies bottle cleaner makes washing bottles easier, quicker and safer, it works by cleverly detaching milk fats and protein from the plastic of the bottle which leaves no residue left in your babies bottles! The problem with milk residue is that it creates the environment for bacteria to grow and that can then lead to your baby getting unwell. If you want to see a video of how it works you can view that on the website.

Here are some photos of our bottles after being washed with washing up liquid - sorry for the rubbish photo I was just too excited to wash bottles for once and try the new cleaner.
As you can see the bottles look a bit cloudy and you can slightly see some residue.
The teat also has residue on it and just doesn't look clear.

Siblings | January

Watching my little duo this past month has been the best time so far, now Archie is crawling he is able to follow his sister everywhere and they both play together so much, I cant believe the love they have for each other already, it honestly blows me away. This past week has been pretty big here, Isla went for her first day at nursery, and when Archie woke up he was constantly looking for his sister, he crawled into her bedroom, pulled himself up on the side of the bed to check on her but she wasn't there. At breakfast he was looking round the room for her, and the house was just so very quiet. 

Woodland Surprise | 52 Adventures

This week we headed to our local woods that we go to quite often, this time we decided to take a different route and found a park that had been built and we had no idea it was there, it was such a surprise and one that Isla was happy to see. So we decided to explore that and then had a short walk around which I was glad as it was freezing! We all had coats, hats and wellies on but it was still so so cold and walking through the mud and puddles made it worse too, but it was all part of the fun. 

My Wild Ones | 2

This week my photos are from two different events, with Isla we had a visit to one of our local parks which we hadn't been to for a while so she loved playing on the climbing frames and swings that she hadn't been on in months! It was so amazing to see her being able to do the whole climbing frame all by herself, it honestly wasn't that long ago that she was asking for help to climb up the mini climbing wall to get to the top, now she is a pro and is shouting "look at me Mummy" from the top. I didn't get many photos as typically my phone was about to die.

First Day At Nursery

The time has come for your first day at nursery, and we are both ready for this new chapter, but it is such a bittersweet moment. Your settling in session was the worst, well I say that but actually you done us so proud. You got a little upset when Mummy said she had to leave, and in return this made Mummy get upset but she kept strong and walked out that door after you ran back to the sand table to play. As soon as I got outside your nursery I did cry a little but I knew it was for the best.

This morning we had to wake you up so you could start your first full day at nursery, you wasn't impressed but was excited when we told you where you was going. Mummy stayed at home while Daddy took you, and you done so well again and settled really quickly. 

So that was it, your first day at nursery but also Mummy's first day without you (and you not being with a family member) I felt lost to start with. Archie was looking around for you and the house was very quiet, I managed to get ready really quickly and still felt like something was missing. When I left home to go out with your baby brother I felt like I had forgotten something and was running through my head everything I had packed. 

But we all know it was you that I was missing, it was because my little best friend wasn't with me that I felt lost. As the day went by I did start to feel better and rang your nursery to check how you was doing, I felt so relieved when they said you was doing really well. 

Its now 4:30 and I cant wait to pick you up later and see you, hear all about your day and see how happy you are. I hope you have had a great first day at nursery, for now I am glad it is only one day a week as I want to enjoy you and have as much time as we can before you have to go everyday. 

Its made me realise how true it is, the days are long but the years are short. It has been lovely to spend quality time with your brother today, and I know this is all for the best of us, but I honestly feel like I want to make more of an effort now to do things with you, as it really won't be long before you are in school. 

Mummy and Daddy love you so so much and are so proud of you and how well you have done!

My Wild Ones | 1

Unfortunately after Christmas me and the kids got unwell and have only just started to feel a bit better, this has meant we have been pretty house bound and I've definitely not felt up to moving from the sofa, let alone go out of the house with them both - that in itself is a mission. In December Isla turned 3, we went to Disneyland Paris and then we had Christmas so you could say we have a fair share of new toys and games in the house to play with. Thankfully this has made staying in a little more easier as we have had loads of new things to do and play with. Now that Archie is crawling he is into everything and loves exploring the house, especially the areas he shouldn't be getting into!
Archie has been loving his walker which he received from my Parents, he is able to walk around the kitchen in it and at the moment can only go backwards on the carpet. 

But thanks to big Sister she kindly pushes him around much to his delight. 

Its funny how we bought Isla loads of new toys for her age, yet she seems to love playing with all of Archie's little toys instead, or like this - one that she cant even use properly herself, although I have caught her trying to climb in a few times. 

You can tell my children are posers, as soon as the camera is out they are straight away looking and smiling! I'm looking forward to capturing more natural shots (on the quiet) of these two playing and exploring. 

Park Fun | 52 Adventures

We are kick starting our year of adventures with a trip to the park, after us feeling a lot better after being ill since Christmas it meant these activities got put off for a few days so unfortunately this post is going up late. We all needed to get out the house and get some fresh air so a trip to the park seemed the best thing to do. The air was so crisp it really did clear the cob webs, my big girl was able to run free and play with her new football she got, and Mummy and Daddy got to stretch their legs and get our blood pumping by chasing each other with the ball. With Archie only being 8 months old there isn't much he could do, but he was happy enough sitting in the pram watching his big sister play and enjoyed the fresh air.

We started our adventure by playing football on the green in the park, but this lasted all of 5 minutes, the temptation of having the park so close was too much for Isla and she just couldn't hold back anymore so off she ran to play on her favourite - the roundabout. 

^ She has no fear at all. Daddy let her go by herself while Mummy stood in panic.

^ I love this one, the look of wonder on her face.

We had a lovely time but didn't stay for too long as we was all freezing and the excitement of hot chocolate back at home was too much. 

It is our mission to have a action packed year, so we have set a goal to have a adventure every week in 2016. We have sat down and wrote a list of 52 activities to do, places to go and explore, also simple things to do at home. Just as long as we have a activity to do once a week we will be happy, and it is also my mission to capture and document the 52 adventures we do together as a family so we can look back at all the things we did that are so easily forgotten. 

Goodbye 2015 - Hello 2016

Just like that we have entered a new year, and what a year it has been for us as a family, its not until I have sat down and thought about it all that I realised we have actually been through a lot! This year hasn't exactly been what I had in mind when we entered the year, although some things didn't quite go to plan, I really wanted us to be in our own home for when Archie arrived, unfortunately this didn't happen and I was really upset that we didn't get to have that special time to bond with him as we was all cramped into a bedroom at my parents house, but I still remained positive and tried to brush things off so that I could continue to enjoy the rest of the year, of course we still had a great year but I cant tell you how happy I am to be starting a new fresh year feeling a lot more happier. Here is a little look back on our 2015. 

We went from being a family of 3 to a family of 4, I had the most amazing labour and delivery with him, I got my drug free water birth and he was also born on the same day as Princess Charlotte. We had to learn the juggle between having 2 children, Isla become a big Sister and that has been such an amazing experience to watch the bond between her and Archie. 

We moved into our new home, and finally feel like we have found somewhere we are happy to stay for longer than a year, somewhere I can relax knowing we won't be moving in a few months time and we finally have a garden!

We was lucky enough to go on 3 holidays, we had a week at Bluestone's in Wales in February, a week in Egypt in September and then we ended the year with a week in Disneyland Paris for Isla's 3rd Birthday in December! 

Perry and I celebrated being together for 5 years, we also looked at a nursery for Isla and signed her up (she starts next week!) and this is going to be such a big change for me and her, one that I have such mixed emotions about. I also signed up to the gym as this year it is one of my goals to feel happy in my body again. 

We booked our wedding back in summer last year after visiting it I felt so at home and knew it was where I wanted to get married. We also had many adventures last year, making the most of sunny days and doing all sorts of activities, and this year we definitely want to have more and I also want to capture more of them. 

Here is one of our last photos as a 3... 

Our first photo as a 4...

Learning all about our new little addition...

Our holiday to Egypt...

Watching these two grow up together...

Isla turning 3 years old...

Spending Isla's 3rd Birthday in Disneyland Paris at Christmas time... 

Now we have a whole blank book to fill out again, I am in such a better place now compared to this time last year, I am looking forward to having a relaxed year, well I say relaxed but having a toddler and baby life is far from relaxed, but I mean more in the terms of we have no huge plans for this year like holidays abroad, moving, having babies etc. Just a year of enjoying our two little ones, lots of wedding planning for me, lots of little adventures and maybe a couple of short UK breaks. I also am determined to capture so much more of this year, I want to bring out my dslr a lot more and learn to use it properly and more of the settings, I now have a new lens for it too so I am looking forward to putting it to use this year. Its like the calm before the storm as I already know that 2017 is going to be a busy eventful year, but for now I just want to enjoy and embrace time that I do get to spend with my little family. Time is so precious and I cant believe how quickly time is going, we did receive some upsetting news about a close family member, but we are remaining positive and it just gives me another reason to enjoy life and to break through those little hurdles that life throws at you instead of letting them get to me. 

2016 I am ready for you...

Hipp Organic Review & Giveaway

We all know that Archie is a bit of a chunky boy who loves his food, so when we was contacted to ask if we would like to try out some Hipp Organic baby food we couldn't say no! We was sent a whole stocking full of some hearty classics and also some new foods from the Hipp Organic range which have been perfect over the Christmas and winter period. One thing that I do love about Hipp is that all the food is organic and meet your babies nutritional needs, also they provide foods to help you along the weaning journey for every stage and the food also comes packaged in jars, pouches and as your baby gets older they even have trays so you can grab whatever is convenient for you. I always keep a pouch of food in my nappy bag in case we are unexpectedly out for longer or if Archie gets hungry, I prefer to use the jars at home as they are a bit heavy to carry around in a bag and they also stack nicely in Archie's food cupboard. 

We are doing both BLW and puree foods with Archie, but I have to say he hasn't been getting on well with the finger foods unlike his sister who loved it. He also seems a little more fussy so it really is hit and miss with feeding Archie at the moment. If we do feed him puree we do also let him feed himself so he does have a bit of control over his feeding. We was sent a good variety of foods in 4+ months and also 7+ months and found there to be food suitable from breakfast right through to dinner. We mainly blend what we are eating but sometimes it is convenient to have jars in the cupboard or pouches for when we are out and about, and at least with Hipp its all Organic.

He seemed to really like the 4+ month foods as the texture is smooth and as I mentioned before he definitely seems to be quite fussy with his foods and textures at the moment. They were easy for him to enjoy and the jar and pouch sizes were perfect for him and he would finish the lot. We was sent a few more I just stupidly waited until the last minute to photograph them in closer detail - why didn't I realise sooner that once he'd eaten them Id no longer have them!? (baby brain at its finest)

The 7+ months range was smooth with added little lumps to encourage chewing and to introduce more texture. Here he is enjoying the parsnip, potato & turkey casserole, as you can see from the bowl the size of the lumps are perfect to encourage the chewing motion and as you can also see Archie really enjoyed this one which I was so happy about. He did leave a bit but ate most of it, these jars and pouches are also bigger than the 4+ month range, so they also grow with your child and there appetite. 

HiPP Organic, the original baby food company, prides itself on creating wonderful organic baby food for every stage of your little one’s weaning journey. HiPP Organic is offering one lucky reader the chance to win a delicious hamper, containing a selection of HiPP’s new meals, plus some of their original family favourites. There’s heaps of goodness packed into these dainty dishes and HiPP Organic know the importance of eating a variety of tasty, wholesome food right from their very first mouthful.

Thanks to HiPP Organic, there is so much fun to be had at meal time with your weaning adventurer, so enter below for your chance to win!
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