Aldi Baby Event

So today Aldi had its baby event and I decided to pop to my local store and have a browse, I think its the first time I've been when a baby event has been on so I was keen to see what I could pick up. We do our weekly shopping in Aldi now and have been getting on really well since making the change from Tesco.

I thought I would show you the bits I picked up today in the event, I was really pleased with what they had on offer and would have bought more if I was with Perry in the car, but because I had the pram and a couple of thin bags I couldn't get the bits I would of liked.

The first bits I picked up were from the brand Nuby, I have always liked the Nuby products we have bought in the past so was happy they were in Aldi. The 2 pack of divide plates were just 99p! Straight in the basket they went, especially now Isla and Archie use plates you can never have enough. I then picked up this 12oz sippy cup for Archie, I liked that it come with a lid so I'm going to use this one for the nappy bag, and also the big size means it will last all day, this was £1.79.

I needed wet wipes so picked up 2 packs which were 59p each, and I picked up some cotton wool pads for £1.29 for 60, they are so handy - I use them to take off my eye make up and I also like to bathe Archie's eyes too if they get sleepy. Also Isla has recently had conjunctivitis and these are fab for bathing poorly eyes.

I got some Bebivita apple and mineral water for Archie, this was 89p, he also needs new socks so I got him this 5 pack for £2.49 and lastly due to the kids being ill we have run out of Calpol so I grabbed a bottle for £2.29 to put in the medicine cupboard. 

I was hoping to get some of the Miosolo reusable nappies but I couldn't see any left in my store which was annoying. If I hadn't of had to carry this home I would of got a box of wet wipes and some of the  non bio detergent and comfort. I was really pleased with what I picked up today in the event, I am gutted I didn't pick up the home safety kit now Archie is going down my cupboards - but I can just get the locks off Amazon or something. Id definitely look out for baby events at your local Aldi stores and see what good items you can get! 

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