Disneyland Paris Series

So as you may already know we went to Disneyland Paris in December for Isla's 3rd Birthday, we was away for 4 nights and 5 days and we had the best time ever! It was extra magical with the park being all decorated for Christmas, and this definitely helped us with getting excited for Christmas. We got home on the night of the 22nd December and then only had 2 days until Christmas so it was really nice to break up the drag before Christmas, well for me anyway as I get the most excited! 

Im going to be writing a few blog posts about our trip to Disneyland Paris, if anyone is thinking of going or even booked to go, I hope I can offer you some help. I think Im going to start my series off with some posts of what we did and share some of the thousands of photos that I took while out there. Then I will be doing some posts going into detail about certain subjects like eating out, meeting the characters, rides for toddlers, hotels and so much more. 

I will leave all posts linked down below so you can easily find them and access them from this one post. I hope you enjoy them and find them useful, and when you do go I hope you have a truly magical time. If you have any questions at all then please do ask and I will happily answer them for you.

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