First Day At Nursery

The time has come for your first day at nursery, and we are both ready for this new chapter, but it is such a bittersweet moment. Your settling in session was the worst, well I say that but actually you done us so proud. You got a little upset when Mummy said she had to leave, and in return this made Mummy get upset but she kept strong and walked out that door after you ran back to the sand table to play. As soon as I got outside your nursery I did cry a little but I knew it was for the best.

This morning we had to wake you up so you could start your first full day at nursery, you wasn't impressed but was excited when we told you where you was going. Mummy stayed at home while Daddy took you, and you done so well again and settled really quickly. 

So that was it, your first day at nursery but also Mummy's first day without you (and you not being with a family member) I felt lost to start with. Archie was looking around for you and the house was very quiet, I managed to get ready really quickly and still felt like something was missing. When I left home to go out with your baby brother I felt like I had forgotten something and was running through my head everything I had packed. 

But we all know it was you that I was missing, it was because my little best friend wasn't with me that I felt lost. As the day went by I did start to feel better and rang your nursery to check how you was doing, I felt so relieved when they said you was doing really well. 

Its now 4:30 and I cant wait to pick you up later and see you, hear all about your day and see how happy you are. I hope you have had a great first day at nursery, for now I am glad it is only one day a week as I want to enjoy you and have as much time as we can before you have to go everyday. 

Its made me realise how true it is, the days are long but the years are short. It has been lovely to spend quality time with your brother today, and I know this is all for the best of us, but I honestly feel like I want to make more of an effort now to do things with you, as it really won't be long before you are in school. 

Mummy and Daddy love you so so much and are so proud of you and how well you have done!


  1. Such a sweet photo, she looks so excited! I hope she had a lovely day, and you enjoyed your quality time with Archie xx

  2. She was definitely so excited :D She had a great day and cant wait to go back next week :) xx

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