Me & Mine | January

January seems to have been the slowest month e v e r, it doesn't help that for a whole half of the month both the children and myself have been ill with chest infections, cold and flu! I am feeling better now but the children are still sniffling and coughing. We have had a few adventures this month which has been nice, we have had a action packed few weeks in-between being stuck at home unwell, its been nice to be busy and to kick start the year with adventures. My blog has also had a make over to freshen up for a new year, I hope you all like it. Although I seem to be having a few issues so hopefully they will be resolved soon. Archie has grown so much and now is crawling and pulling himself up on everything, even up the stairs! Isla started nursery this month, and in just the 3 days she has already done I cant believe the difference in her. She has adjusted amazingly and I couldn't be more proud of her, it also means Archie and I get every Wednesday to ourselves so we also get a lovely quality day together. 2016 has started off great and I hope it stays that way.

Mummy's January Highlights
- Watching 'Making A Murderer" on Netflix, I am convinced he's innocent!
- My big Girl starting nursery and adjusting so well.
- We've already had some good date nights this month, hopefully it continues.
- Meeting up with my friend who I haven't seen for over 4 years!
- Quality time with my baby boy has been needed and appreciated.

Daddy's January Highlights
- Surprising Mummy with a day off from work and taking her out for lunch.
- Going on lots of adventures.
- Watching the kids learn new things makes him so proud.
- Taking Isla out on her new bike.
- Picking Isla up from nursery and her running into his arms so happily.

Isla's January Highlights
- Going to nursery and making lots of friends.
- Lots of family adventures in the outdoors.
- Lots of time at the park and soft play.
- Getting a new big girls bed.
- A Costa date with Mummy.

Archie's January Highlights
- Learning to pull himself up to standing and climb the stairs.
- His first sand experience.
- Going to soft play with Mummy for some quality time.
- Getting his first shoes.
- Playing with his toot toots garage.

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  1. Ahhh, I love a wintery beach shot. And on one of my favourite beaches too!!! But I'm with you on January being so long and slow; Christmas feels forever ago and I am so ready for the spring now. x

  2. Such gorgeous pictures lovely! You are such a beautiful little family (and I adore your coat!!) xx

  3. Lovely photos, I love all the pastel colours in the background and I love Isla's coat! You sound like you have a really good family balance at the moment xx

  4. Ahhh these are absolutely gorgeous!! :) The colours in the background are so nice! I can't believe how much Archie has changed! I've been hooked on making a murderer this month too, so shocking!!!! xx


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