Mummy & Me | January

We have made it our aim to have lots of adventures this year so I am so happy for once I actually have a few photos of me and my little ones. Not any together with them both though, but I am getting there! We have done a lot of exploring outside this month in-between being ill with cold and flu, so we have had quite a few opportunities to get some nice shots. 

 ^ this is one of my favourites!

 ^ look how big this little one looks!

We have had a great first month of 2016, apart from being ill for 2 weeks but hey who remembers the bad moments? I am glad this month is coming to an end, does it feel like its gone on forever for anyone else? We have lots to look forward to in February so I cant wait for that, and to see what new adventures we get up to. 

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  1. Yay your blog is finally working for me! Love the pictures, the first one should be framed! Xx

    Abbie |

  2. These are stunning Tara! Archie is looking soo big as well. Loving the new blog design too xx

  3. Love these pictures. They need framing!!! Thanks for linking up with #mummyandme xx


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