My Wild Ones | 1

Unfortunately after Christmas me and the kids got unwell and have only just started to feel a bit better, this has meant we have been pretty house bound and I've definitely not felt up to moving from the sofa, let alone go out of the house with them both - that in itself is a mission. In December Isla turned 3, we went to Disneyland Paris and then we had Christmas so you could say we have a fair share of new toys and games in the house to play with. Thankfully this has made staying in a little more easier as we have had loads of new things to do and play with. Now that Archie is crawling he is into everything and loves exploring the house, especially the areas he shouldn't be getting into!
Archie has been loving his walker which he received from my Parents, he is able to walk around the kitchen in it and at the moment can only go backwards on the carpet. 

But thanks to big Sister she kindly pushes him around much to his delight. 

Its funny how we bought Isla loads of new toys for her age, yet she seems to love playing with all of Archie's little toys instead, or like this - one that she cant even use properly herself, although I have caught her trying to climb in a few times. 

You can tell my children are posers, as soon as the camera is out they are straight away looking and smiling! I'm looking forward to capturing more natural shots (on the quiet) of these two playing and exploring. 


  1. Ah this is so cute! I love watching their little bond develop. Indie has been more interested in Parker's christmas presents too haha xx

  2. Lovely photos! Busby has been more interested in H-Bear's Christmas presents too... There's been a fair amount of "no, leave that alone please!" from me! How exciting that you went to Disneyland Paris - and brave with two little ones!

    Thanks for linking up to #MyWildOnes xxx

    1. Haha yes we have had a lot of that here too! I should just buy them the same things as they both mix their toys up anyway. Yes Disneyland was hectic but so worth it xx


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