My Wild Ones | 3

We've been hit once again by the curse of cold & flu! We've had this on and off since mid December and the beginning of this year being the worst, last week we was all feeling better and starting to get back to normal and then boom we are all unwell again. I feel so drained from it all and I honestly cant wait for it all to be over again, there is nothing worse than seeing your babies unwell. They both haven't had much interest in playing this week apart from today, they are starting to feel a bit better thankfully.

They love playing with their toot toot drivers, I cannot recommend them enough, its a age appropriate toy for them both and it helps their bond so much as they play together for hours with these, its so lovely to sit and watch them play. Archie is so playful now and really joins in which is nice as Isla loves being social and interacting with other children. 

I caught a few snaps of them playing before they caught me in the act... 

I love watching them play and especially Isla, her imagination is coming on so so well, she tells me all sorts of stories to do with her toys now. I love listening to her ideas and creativity with toys, she loves lining all the cars up for a race and pushing them around. Archie loves the music and lights mostly, he has started pushing the cars down the slopes and loves hitting the cars on the garage (luckily they are so robust!) 


  1. Ooh Archie's chubby cheeks are too cute! Isla seems to have grown up loads since she turned 3 too. I must get some Toot Toot, my sister has loads of it and we just have the annoying police car haha xx

  2. They look so cute playing together. I can't wait until my littlest is a bit bigger and can start playing with his big brother a bit more. #mywildones

  3. I hope you're all feeling better! It looks like they're playing beautifully together! We gets lots of "no H-Bear! That's mine!" at the moment because he just wants to smash up her towers...

    Thanks for linking up to #MyWildOnes xxx


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