Nimble Babies Bottle Cleaner

We have recently been trying out the new Nimble Babies Bottle Cleaner, ill admit I've never enjoyed cleaning the bottles, with Isla we sterilised until 12 months and with Archie have followed the guidelines and stopped at 6 months as its not totally necessary anymore. I do feel guilty about it but it's just such a hassle sterilising the bottles after washing them all as well as the other 99 jobs I have to do everyday! So when cleaning our bottles we usually use a tiny bit of washing up liquid and then thoroughly rinse the bottles, but they always still smell a bit after of the washing liquid, they are cloudy with residue from the soap and although they are clean, they just don't look it.

The Nimble Babies bottle cleaner makes washing bottles easier, quicker and safer, it works by cleverly detaching milk fats and protein from the plastic of the bottle which leaves no residue left in your babies bottles! The problem with milk residue is that it creates the environment for bacteria to grow and that can then lead to your baby getting unwell. If you want to see a video of how it works you can view that on the website.

Here are some photos of our bottles after being washed with washing up liquid - sorry for the rubbish photo I was just too excited to wash bottles for once and try the new cleaner.
As you can see the bottles look a bit cloudy and you can slightly see some residue.
The teat also has residue on it and just doesn't look clear.

Here is how you use the Nimble Babies bottle cleaner:

1. Fill up the bottle with 1/4 warm water.

2. Simply spray 2 times into the bottle (or more if they have been left a while) I also spray once directly into the teat and clean that as well, also the seal and lid.

3. Using your bottle brush give the bottle and teat a good clean.

4. Rinse all the parts thoroughly and let them dry.

Here is the bottle after it had been cleaned by Nimble Babies bottle cleaner: 

We was really impressed with how clean the bottles looked, the cloudiness was gone and also there was no smell left in the bottles. It makes me feel so much better knowing this is safer to use than the chemical that are in washing up liquid, I feel a little less guilty now. Nimble Babies bottle wash is available to buy on Amazon, Kiddicare, and other retailers. It retails for around £5.99 which is really good as you only need to use around 4-5 sprays per bottle, we have been using ours for 2 weeks now and have loads left so it will last a long time. We wash 5 bottles and 1 sippy cup a day, and we have also been using it to clean the teats on dummies as it gets the residue off them really well too. We are so happy with it and will definitely be purchasing it when we run out and recommending it to all our friends and Mummy to be's! 

*We was sent this product in exchange for a review. All opinions and words are my own.
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  1. Wow you can defiantly see the difference in the pictures. Sounds great.

  2. I remembering thinking it was a ridiculous faff to sterelise bottles of a 9 month old who was picking things up off the floor to put in their mouth but I was told it was something to do wtih the bacteria in the formula so I just carried on. Something like this would have been really handy!
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  3. Being a guardian of a newborn child, infant bottle cleaning is one of the real undertakings among numerous others. At seven-month of age, our child drinks more than seven times each day including five infant nourishing recipe or bosom milk and two weakened infant succulent. It doesn't take much to see five filthy suppresses appearing on the counter holding up to be cleaned. As an earthy person and a microbiologist, I can envision the microscopic organisms are becoming cheerfully inside those containers.

  4. Great tutorial! Did you know 47% of mums are
    not happy using regular washing-up liquids
    for baby bottles washingbaby bottles washing,
    This is because bottles still end up
    looking cloudy and smelling of old milk
    due to bacteria-causing milk residues.

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