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We are kick starting our year of adventures with a trip to the park, after us feeling a lot better after being ill since Christmas it meant these activities got put off for a few days so unfortunately this post is going up late. We all needed to get out the house and get some fresh air so a trip to the park seemed the best thing to do. The air was so crisp it really did clear the cob webs, my big girl was able to run free and play with her new football she got, and Mummy and Daddy got to stretch their legs and get our blood pumping by chasing each other with the ball. With Archie only being 8 months old there isn't much he could do, but he was happy enough sitting in the pram watching his big sister play and enjoyed the fresh air.

We started our adventure by playing football on the green in the park, but this lasted all of 5 minutes, the temptation of having the park so close was too much for Isla and she just couldn't hold back anymore so off she ran to play on her favourite - the roundabout. 

^ She has no fear at all. Daddy let her go by herself while Mummy stood in panic.

^ I love this one, the look of wonder on her face.

We had a lovely time but didn't stay for too long as we was all freezing and the excitement of hot chocolate back at home was too much. 

It is our mission to have a action packed year, so we have set a goal to have a adventure every week in 2016. We have sat down and wrote a list of 52 activities to do, places to go and explore, also simple things to do at home. Just as long as we have a activity to do once a week we will be happy, and it is also my mission to capture and document the 52 adventures we do together as a family so we can look back at all the things we did that are so easily forgotten. 

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