Siblings | January

Watching my little duo this past month has been the best time so far, now Archie is crawling he is able to follow his sister everywhere and they both play together so much, I cant believe the love they have for each other already, it honestly blows me away. This past week has been pretty big here, Isla went for her first day at nursery, and when Archie woke up he was constantly looking for his sister, he crawled into her bedroom, pulled himself up on the side of the bed to check on her but she wasn't there. At breakfast he was looking round the room for her, and the house was just so very quiet. 

With Archie getting older that means he is now able to get into places and things that he shouldn't, also into Islas toys which she gets annoyed but they soon recover from this when Archie starts giggling at her and she laughs back at him. Bath time is the most fun, they both splash eachother and its so lovely to hear the noise of laughter in the house. We all listen to nursery rhymes as we get ready for bed and its those little moments that I just stare at them both with such pride. 

Isla has become so caring for her brother, now he is getting into all sorts of stunts he has many tumbles a day. She rushes over asking if he is OK and helps him back up. If he cries she cuddles and kisses him, and if she cries he goes crawling over to her and pulls himself up on her, sometimes using her hair which makes her cry even more - but the gesture is there. 
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