Winter Beach Walk | 52 Adventures

We headed to my favourite beach for our 3rd Adventure, I have a lot of memories from growing up here and as soon as I walk onto this beach I just feel at home. It is my happy place, and its a place I want my children to look back on and remember happy memories. We didn't stay long as it was so cold, we just went for a walk along the beach and then headed home when we couldn't feel our fingers and toes anymore! Isla loves the beach, she will happily play with the sand, collect stones and shells while admiring the sea in amazement. Archie had his first sand experience, we sat him down and he immediately put his hands into it and then looked disgusted with me for letting him do so. Its going to be so much fun with them both on the beach this year, I'm sure he will love it as much as his Sister soon enough.

^ Archie's first sand experience, he wasn't to sure on it!

We cant wait for the weather to get warmer so we can enjoy the beach again, not that it isn't nice in the winter, id just rather be playing in the sun, building sandcastles, paddling in the sea, and eating ice cream! 

It is our mission to have a action packed year, so we have set a goal to have a adventure every week in 2016. We have sat down and wrote a list of 52 activities to do, places to go and explore, also simple things to do at home. Just as long as we have a activity to do once a week we will be happy, and it is also my mission to capture and document the 52 adventures we do together as a family so we can look back at all the things we did that are so easily forgotten. 

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