Mummy & Me | February

This month is always a busy one for us with Valentines Day and my Birthday, we have also been out a lot too, once again the nasty bugs have been working their way around the house so we have all been poorly, I just cant wait for the warmer weather to get here! Again this month I haven't really had the chance to ask someone to take some photos of us, so all of these are just the classic iPhone selfie style, better than nothing though right? 

These photos of me and Isla are from the 2 nights out I had, the first one was a night out with my friend to catch up, we went for dessert at our local waffle house and then for some drinks, I honestly cant remember the last time I went out like that, it was so nice to just let my hair down a bit and have time off Mummy duties. The second photo is from our Valentine's meal, Perry took me out to my favourite Indian restaurant while my parents watched the children for a couple hours, again this was really nice, but you know them moments when you are away from the kids but all you can think about is them? Yep that is what happened.

1 Year To Go | Wedding Series

We are getting married!
I realised I haven't yet spoken about our wedding properly on here, we booked it mid last year but wanted to tell family and friends first before talking about it publicly, and I am now so excited to finally announce that 1 year today we will be getting married, Saturday 25th February 2017, the day after my 24th Birthday. I have always wanted a winter wonderland type wedding and being that it is in February this is the theme I am going for. I am going to be doing a whole wedding series, most of it will probably be after the big day so that I can keep my plans a surprise for everybody.  

We have our venue which I am so totally in love with, it was the only one I felt comfortable in and it felt like home. I suffer with anxiety and so this was a big factor that made us go with the venue, plus it is absolutely beautiful inside and out so that is a bonus. I also have my dress and all the other important things have been booked, so I would say I am doing pretty good planning wise, but there is still so much to do. I just wanted to formally announce about our wedding and share our excitement that we only have 1 year to go today!

My Wild Ones | 7

This weeks post is going to be about Archie, now he is crawling, pulling himself up and assisted walking he has a new sense of exploration. Everything and everywhere is something new to pull himself up on, something new to climb over or something new to cruise along with. We went to a local soft play this week and it was the first time he had actually been to this one since he was only little so it was all new for him. He was loving crawling around and looking in all the funny mirrors, pulling himself up on just about anything and everything he could, he can even climb the steps. He loved the ball pit and slide too, and it was so nice to watch him have fun, I could see in his eyes the way he was taking it all in.


Disneyland Paris | Part 2

If you didn't read part 1 you can find that here | You can read more about Disneyland Paris here
Sunday 20th December 2015

As soon as we got to the park we headed over to its a small world ride as it had just opened after being refurbished, as we was in a group of 7 we didn't have to wait to long as there was a queue specifically for larger groups. I was so impressed with the ride, it is one of my favourites and it now looks amazing. When I came in 2012 you could tell the dolls were getting old, some of them were broken or just slowly falling apart. This time it was all new and even more amazing, both Isla and Archie loved the ride, with the music and all the things to look at so I am so glad it opened before we left. 

We then went for a walk around the different lands to compare ride wait times, while pirates of the Caribbean only had a 15 minute wait we decided to go on it, the kids waited out of this one as it does drop and I knew Isla wouldn't of liked it. The next ride we went on was Autopia in Discoveryland, you basically had to drive a car around a track, it was really good and 3 of us got in one car too so we could all be together, Isla loved being able to steer the car and of course Daddy enjoyed it too. When we come out we saw a little crowd and realised there was some characters so we went over with the kids autograph books so we could get them signed. I'm not 100% sure but I think they are the mice out of Cinderella? 

My Wild Ones | 6

My little crafty cherub now tells me what activities she would like to do, in the afternoons when I am finally caught up with everything and Archie is sleeping we will do a activity together. Today she chose to do painting and requested her piggy bank that she received from Chrsitmas. If I'm honest I totally forgot it was in the cupboard so was a bit surprised when she come out with it - they never forget do they!?

It was a set that come with a plain china piggy bank, paints and a paintbrush. She was also bought a fairy one too but she wanted the pig to put her pennies in. I let her go for it and paint it exactly how she wanted, she even painted the feet and made sure it was perfect before she announced she was done. Surprisingly it wasn't too messy, I find I enjoy doing things like this with her now she is that bit older, she really loves it and appreciates it too. 


Clacton Pier - 52 Adventures

Valentines Day was a pretty chilled one at home, we had been out in the morning to do the food shop, we come home and chilled out with no intention of going out again. I was back in my pjs and had the intention of staying in them. In the late afternoon around 4pm this sudden sense of adventure kicked in and the next thing we was all in the car ready to go - don't worry I did change out of my pyjamas! We drove to Clacton Pier which is about a 30-45 minute drive for us, I checked online and it said they was open until 10pm so we didn't have to worry about it closing when we got there. 

We went on the pier and played in the arcades, we all had a pot of 2p's and had so much fun playing on the machines and also collecting the tokens. It was lovely to watch Isla putting the coins in the machine herself and watching her face light up as loads of money come out at the bottom. Archie loved looking at all the lights and listening to the music, he was getting really excited, I cant wait for him to be a little older so he can join in as well. We decided to collect our tokens and print off the receipt so when we have a lot we can get a good prize, then we headed back outside and let Isla go on a few little rides, she has become a ride addict thanks to our yearly fair and Disneyland! 

No seaside trip is complete without a bag of chips, so of course we stopped off and got some chips to eat before walking back in the cold to the car. We had such a lovely time and it was so good to get out of the house spontaneously and have a adventure together. I'm so glad that we did go, and it was the perfect ending to our Valentine's Day. 

Siblings | February

My two have been really poorly so they really haven't been in the mood for pictures this time, so this is all I could get. With Isla now going to nursery every Wednesday the two of them are getting time apart, it is so sweet how Archie looks around for his big sister and crawls into her room looking for her, and then when we go to pick her up she shouts his name in such excitement and loves showing him off to her friends. The two of them love playing together with cars and babies, sometimes Isla can get annoyed at him as he tends to trash everything she does. If he gets upset she soon cuddles him and tells him its ok, she kisses him on the head and all is forgotten. 

Wathcing them grow up together and watching their bond grow stronger is one of the best things ever, I can see how different their personalities are already, and how they fit together most of the time but they do clash now and again. Isla has now started trying to teach things to her little brother, like counting, colours, animals and even sings songs to him, he gets so excited as he loves nursery rhymes. The relationship these two have already is really lovely, considering they have only been siblings for 9 months now, I am so proud of them both, and I am sure they are both proud of each other too. 

^ Showing him the sand that he really wasn't to sure on. She was reassuring him that its ok.

So that is it for my two in February, I am hoping they both get better soon and we are so looking forward to some warmer weather! I know before long it will be a special little boys 1st Birthday, I am looking forward to watching their bond change over the next few months now Archie is getting bigger and learning to walk as well. I cant wait to see them both running around together- I probably won't be saying that once it does happen though!

The Me and Mine Project

Valentine Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

Me and Isla decided to make some valentine cupcakes for Daddy, we generally bake while Archie is sleeping so we can have some quality time together, she really enjoys it and feels like such a big girl being able to get involved and help me cook. So we made some chocolate chip cupcakes and decorated them appropriately for Valentine's Day. We had so much fun and the outcome was very yummy indeed.

For this recipe I used: 

- 3 medium eggs
- 150g butter
- 150g self raising flour 
- 150g caster sugar 
- 75g chocolate chips
- ready to roll icing 
- edible decorations

The method I used is very simple:

- Turn the oven to 180 degrees
- put the eggs, sugar, flour, butter and chocolate chips into a bowl
- mix it all until smooth
- pop the mixture evenly into the paper cases
- bake in the oven for 12-15 minutes
- once cooked place on a cooling rack
- roll out your icing and using cookie cutters cut the shapes you like
- decorate how you like 
- enjoy with a cup of tea

What Archie Wore | 1

Top - Next | Leggings - Lamb & Bear | Shoes - Coverse | Bib - Ted Baker

Archie is wearing his new Lamb & Bear Ponty The Giraffe leggings, which are super soft and adorable! I put them with a plain mustard long sleeved top and his white converse high tops. With him teething I had to grab a dribble bib so thought this one from Ted Baker looked pretty snazzy with the yellow/lime trim with a bear on. Wearing a cool outfit meant Mummy had to style his hair too, can we just take a moment to look at how grown up he looks for 9 months!? 

Waffle House | 52 Adventures

This adventure probably was and will be Isla's favourite from this year, she loves waffles and asks for them at least 5 times a day. Our town recently opened up a waffle house and they sell a range of desserts, but the main ones are waffles. I actually came here Friday night with my friend, and already I am back but this time with my little family to enjoy a adventure. It was so windy so we knew we didn't want to spend a lot of time outside in it, so we run to the waffle house and excitedly looked in the menu.

We ordered our waffles and drinks, I had to get a mocha, Daddy got a pepsi in a glass bottle ooo-er and Isla had water. Here is my dessert, it was called strawberry blonde and it was 2 freshly made waffles (which are the most lightest and tastiest waffles I've ever had) covered in fresh cut up strawberries with white hot chocolate nutella drizzled over the top, a little mountain of fresh cream and a mini metal bucket of vanilla gelato!

Here is Daddies dessert, his one was called nutty professor, it was peanut butter, nutella and chopped nuts, with a side of squirty cream and chocolate gelato in a mini metal bucket. He got an extra waffle so Isla could just have 1 as they are pretty filling. He also ordered a extra hot shot of nutella which I also had half to add to mine hehe.

Us In January #MyMonthlyMontage

Alex over at Bump To Baby created a beautiful video of her lovely family in January using clips from cameras to phones, just simple ordinary moments that we capture but then put the videos to one side and forget about them. I love the idea of collecting all the footage you captured and turning it into a lovely video. So I will be doing this monthly from now on in the hope to look back at 12 beautiful videos from the year 2016. I am generally always filming the children as they are learning something new everyday, or I start filming with the intention of making it into a video but then forget and forget about the footage. 

I love having little videos to look back on, they capture so much more that a photo simply cant, although I also do love photography. I wasn't planning on doing it this month so I don't really have that much footage, but I still managed to create a 7 minute video of my little family in January. I love capturing the ordinary moments, its the little things that we forget and being able to capture them so we can watch them over and over is truly priceless. 

So here is us in January... 

My Wild Ones | 5

Do you ever get those days when you just need to get out the house, I woke up with the intention of staying in and getting some washing done and a little bit of general tidying up but I could tell that the children needed to get out. Just after lunch I couldn't take it anymore so we headed out to the park, it was lovely to just get some fresh air, I also loved that it broke the afternoon up a bit and it used up a bit of energy for all of us. 

Watching them both play and explore I just felt content, it was the right place to be and it was nice for my mind to switch off from the house, technology and social media and just watch my two beautiful children playing. We come home afterwards and it still meant I was able to get my jobs done as they both had got out and were happy to play again at home with their toys. 

Archie's 9 Month Update

I honestly cant believe he is 9 months!? Where has the time gone recently, I actually have a lump at the back of my throat knowing in 3 months time he will be a 1 year old, and that soon I need to start planning a 1st Birthday party. So I will start with his weight, I got him weighed at the clinic 2 weeks ago and he was 20lb 7oz - I will have to get him weighed again soon. He is wearing 12-18 month tops and 9-12 month bottoms, he is now wearing size 2 shoes, we bought him his first pair of pre walkers. He has just cut his first 2 teeth at the bottom and I can also see his 2 top teeth under the gums. 

His hair is growing so thick on the top but less round the back, its a light blonde colour when you look at it in natural light. His eyes are still blue and I'm positive they will stay that way as we all have blue eyes. He has got the scrummiest chubby cheeks ever, his arms are pretty chunky too and often his tops are tight on his arms. 

He started crawling at 7 1/2 months old, and a couple of weeks ago he learnt how to pull himself up to standing and also climb the stairs. He is so quick at crawling and pulling up now he is catching his big sister up. He can walk assisted, so with a push along walker, but its very early stages and he does fall down and we have to hold the front so he doesnt zoom off and fall with it. He is getting into everything, all the kitchen cupboards, the dvd drawer and also the stairs, so we have had to start shutting our lounge door. 

Costa Special | 52 Adventures

Due to the weather and once again the dreaded cold making its round at our home we decided to have a indoor adventure this week. We was all feeling under the weather, Archie had just cut his first two teeth and we just wanted something to make us feel better, so we headed to Costa for a yummy hot drink and lunch. 

I am quite a lover of coffee, so was happy to get my large mocha as it was very needed! Isla also got her chocolate baby chino which she absolutely loves, she says she's a big girl as she drinks her hot chocolate from the cup. She also gets a flake too which makes her very happy, typical girl really hehe. 

It was nice to just sit back and be surrounded by other families and couples, the atmosphere is nice and you can enjoy your lunch. These little Costa dates are becoming a habit now with me and my big girl, I treat her now and again and she loves it, but this time it was nice to have Daddy with us too. We sat and talked, we also managed to finish our list of things we want to do this year so now we have all 52 adventures planned out! We are so excited for them and are looking forward to the weather getting warmer so we can have a action packed summer. Most of our adventures are outdoor based so we have had to think of some indoor alternatives too. 

Disneyland Paris | Part 1

Friday 18th December 2015

We woke up in a hotel near the train station, we thought this would be best as we would of had to of left super early and would of all been tired before we even got to Disneyland! We had breakfast and headed to Ebbsfleet train station so we could get the train, going through customs was a bit of handful as we had a lot of bags and the pushchair, but it didn't take too long thankfully. We got on the train and got Isla set up with her colouring pens and stickers, they kept her amused for about 20 minutes and then she went on the iPad to play games. 

We got to Disneyland at around 2pm (France time) and as we booked through Thompson we was able to hand in our luggage at the Disney Express in the train station so we didn't have to go to the hotel and check in first, they took our cases to the hotel for us which was so handy! We went straight into the Disney Park and headed over to Discoveryland, Isla was in awe and I think she was just in shock at everything, especially with it all being decorated for Christmas, she just didn't know where to look. The first ride we went on was Buzz Lightyears Laser Blast, she absolutely loved it and I was a little worried that she wouldn't. It is so amazing watching your children enjoy themselves and having fun, it was so lovely to hear her excitement. 

We then headed over to Fantasyland and went on quite a few rides, our favourites being the tea cups, the carousel, and Dumbo. I was so pleased she loved going on the rides, she all of a sudden became very grown up. When we headed back to the front of the castle we could hear music and then realised that Mickey and Minnie Mouse were turning the Christmas tree lights on and singing songs, snow was falling and again we fell into this magical coma, even Father Christmas joined in and Isla was so excited shouting out Santa.