1 Year To Go | Wedding Series

We are getting married!
I realised I haven't yet spoken about our wedding properly on here, we booked it mid last year but wanted to tell family and friends first before talking about it publicly, and I am now so excited to finally announce that 1 year today we will be getting married, Saturday 25th February 2017, the day after my 24th Birthday. I have always wanted a winter wonderland type wedding and being that it is in February this is the theme I am going for. I am going to be doing a whole wedding series, most of it will probably be after the big day so that I can keep my plans a surprise for everybody.  

We have our venue which I am so totally in love with, it was the only one I felt comfortable in and it felt like home. I suffer with anxiety and so this was a big factor that made us go with the venue, plus it is absolutely beautiful inside and out so that is a bonus. I also have my dress and all the other important things have been booked, so I would say I am doing pretty good planning wise, but there is still so much to do. I just wanted to formally announce about our wedding and share our excitement that we only have 1 year to go today!

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