Disneyland Paris | Part 1

Friday 18th December 2015

We woke up in a hotel near the train station, we thought this would be best as we would of had to of left super early and would of all been tired before we even got to Disneyland! We had breakfast and headed to Ebbsfleet train station so we could get the train, going through customs was a bit of handful as we had a lot of bags and the pushchair, but it didn't take too long thankfully. We got on the train and got Isla set up with her colouring pens and stickers, they kept her amused for about 20 minutes and then she went on the iPad to play games. 

We got to Disneyland at around 2pm (France time) and as we booked through Thompson we was able to hand in our luggage at the Disney Express in the train station so we didn't have to go to the hotel and check in first, they took our cases to the hotel for us which was so handy! We went straight into the Disney Park and headed over to Discoveryland, Isla was in awe and I think she was just in shock at everything, especially with it all being decorated for Christmas, she just didn't know where to look. The first ride we went on was Buzz Lightyears Laser Blast, she absolutely loved it and I was a little worried that she wouldn't. It is so amazing watching your children enjoy themselves and having fun, it was so lovely to hear her excitement. 

We then headed over to Fantasyland and went on quite a few rides, our favourites being the tea cups, the carousel, and Dumbo. I was so pleased she loved going on the rides, she all of a sudden became very grown up. When we headed back to the front of the castle we could hear music and then realised that Mickey and Minnie Mouse were turning the Christmas tree lights on and singing songs, snow was falling and again we fell into this magical coma, even Father Christmas joined in and Isla was so excited shouting out Santa. 

It started to get dark and we was all pretty tired so we headed to our hotel, this year we stayed in Cheyenne (wasn't my choice) and it was exactly the same as when I went back in 2005, not in a good way either. I partially unpacked our suitcase and made it a bit more comfortable as we was spending the next 4 nights here. With Archie having bottles we had to ask for a kettle so we could make them up in the morning. We tried to get an early night as we knew we had a big day ahead of us, even more so as it was Isla's 3rd Birthday!

Saturday 19th December 2016 (Isla's 3rd Birthday)

We woke up and sang Happy Birthday, how could my baby be 3 years old!? She was so excited and couldn't wait to get back to Disneyland. We went for breakfast which consisted of croissants, 4 different types of cereal and bread rolls, salami, ham and cheese. It wasn't the best but we stuffed our faces as we knew it was about to be a busy day. As we left breakfast we noticed Goofy was in the hotel lobby so we queued up so we could meet him, I told him it was Isla's Birthday and he immediately had the whole room singing Happy Birthday to her, she was so shy but couldn't hold back her big grins. 

When we got to the park we watched the Christmas parade, Isla was so excited watching all her favourite characters go past and lastly Father Christmas in his sleigh. The excitement was added when they turned the snow machine on and it was honestly so magical, even I felt all warm and fuzzy inside. Archie just chilled in the pushchair but even he was looking at the parade and he loved all the songs and music. 

We went in a few shops so Isla could pick out a present, she also picked out a huge lollipop and wouldn't let go so we kind of got bribed into buying that. She knows what she wants at least! I did feel a little lost in the back of my mind, I think I just was accepting that my toddler was becoming a little girl, and watching the magic in her eyes was the best gift we could of ever given her on her Birthday, I know a lot of people think its too young for her, but I still wanted her to believe in it all and for it to be magical, if she doesn't remember any of it that's not a problem because I do, and we will have the many photos and video footage to show her when she is older. 

Just as we came out on to the main street I noticed the white string had been put up again which meant a parade was coming soon. We stood and waited near the front so we could get a good view, this time it was Elsa and Anna from Frozen, they came along on a carriage being pulled by horses. Again the snow machine was turned on and it just added to the magical touch. We visited the Town Hall to get Isla a Birthday badge, I have kept it and put it in her keepsake box for her.

We decided to head over to the Walt Disney Studios Park, we headed over to the Tram Tour first as we knew we all wanted to go on it, we only had to wait 5 minutes too which was a bonus and Archie was allowed to come on as well so we all got to go on. Archie was drinking his milk as we went round, the only exciting bit was when the water all fell on the tram and it moves, you don't get wet though which is good, Isla wasn't to sure on it and I cant blame her, she was on the edge to so when it tipped she didn't like it at all. 

We went over to the Toy Story area and while the queues were little we went on a couple rides, we went on slinky dog, cars and the flying carpets, all of them Isla loved, we took it in turns so I took her on a ride and then Perry did as Archie was unable to go on most rides. 

We also got to meet some characters, one of Isla's favourite being Woody, the whole time we was waiting she was so excited to meet him, its a shame Jessie wasn't with him as well, it would of been lovely to get them together. We also met Pluto, he was so fun to meet as he would jump around and play games with the children. We did buy the kids autograph books, and Woody even put Happy Birthday in Isla's which was so nice. The photographer took some photos but he was also happy to take some using your own camera or for a family member to take some for you, it was nice as we wasn't being forced into buying the photos. Archie also loved meeting the characters, he would smile at them and try to grab them which was so cute. 

After we spent a few more hours in the Studios before going back to the hotel to warm up, and also to rest our feet - be warned your feet will hurt a lot so take comfy shoes. We wanted to eat out somewhere nice for Isla's Birthday, I picked out the Rainforest Cafe for us all to eat at, I knew the kids would love the animals and how fun and interacting the restaurant would be. We did have to wait 45 minutes to get a ticket, which then asked us to return in 15 minutes to our table. We was pleased as we got a table over next to the waterfall and it was a lovely atmosphere. Now and again the restaurant would go dark and thunder and lightening would start, it was really fun and Isla enjoyed it as well as Archie too. 

The food was lovely, and the dessert was even better! I really should of taken photos but I was so hungry I didn't even think until I had eaten it all! The service was a little slow, and this meant we did miss the fireworks which I was a little gutted about, but Isla still had a great Birthday and was really tired so it was probably for the best. After the meal we just went in the shops in the Disney Village, the Lego shop being our favourite as we are all lovers of Lego in this house. We then went back to the hotel to get ready for another busy day.


  1. Wow, what an amazing trip! Sounds like you did and saw so much. I would love to go to Disneyland at some point. What a great place to spend to Isla's third birthday, she's a lucky girl. My little boy is going to be three in May, can't belive it! How many days did you stay? Did you get a good deal with entry? Thanks so much for linking up this week :-) #MyFavouriteTrip Polly x

    1. We stayed 4 nights 5 days.. we actually took advantage of the get 2 nights 2 days free so that was awesome and worth it! We booked with Thomas Cook and it was great as we could use the Disney Express to hand in suitcases at the train station and they took them to the hotel for us xx


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