Disneyland Paris | Part 2

If you didn't read part 1 you can find that here | You can read more about Disneyland Paris here
Sunday 20th December 2015

As soon as we got to the park we headed over to its a small world ride as it had just opened after being refurbished, as we was in a group of 7 we didn't have to wait to long as there was a queue specifically for larger groups. I was so impressed with the ride, it is one of my favourites and it now looks amazing. When I came in 2012 you could tell the dolls were getting old, some of them were broken or just slowly falling apart. This time it was all new and even more amazing, both Isla and Archie loved the ride, with the music and all the things to look at so I am so glad it opened before we left. 

We then went for a walk around the different lands to compare ride wait times, while pirates of the Caribbean only had a 15 minute wait we decided to go on it, the kids waited out of this one as it does drop and I knew Isla wouldn't of liked it. The next ride we went on was Autopia in Discoveryland, you basically had to drive a car around a track, it was really good and 3 of us got in one car too so we could all be together, Isla loved being able to steer the car and of course Daddy enjoyed it too. When we come out we saw a little crowd and realised there was some characters so we went over with the kids autograph books so we could get them signed. I'm not 100% sure but I think they are the mice out of Cinderella? 

We went to Fantasyland again and went on the junior train and also the boat ride which Archie was allowed to come on so we all got to go on it. They were both really good and the wait time was only 10 minutes so we jumped on them while we had a chance. We then went for lunch at Buzz Lightyears Pizza Planet, it was a all you can eat buffet and it was really good, ill talk about it more in the eating out section on my Disneyland Paris series. After coming out it was starting to get dark so we headed back to the castle, as we did the rope was being put out for another parade and we was pretty stuck and couldn't go forward so we decided to stop and wait, and I am so glad we did as it was a parade we hadn't yet seen. It had all the characters on there floats going past, it was really good and I loved that almost all the characters took the time to wave to each side. 

After the parade we headed back to our rooms to rest our feet and warm up as it was starting to get pretty chilly. We got the kids into there pyjamas and then wrapped them up in hats, jackets, gloves etc and headed back to the park so we could watch the firework display, which was amazing and so so good. After that we went to Mc Donald's for a late night dinner as lunch filled us all up from earlier. 

Monday 21st December 2012

We decided to spend all day in the Universal Studios so we could go on more rides and meet more characters in that park. Our first stop was the stunt show which we was all wanting to go and see, as when we came last time Perry and his sisters partner didn't come with us so they hadn't seen the show before. It was exactly the same show as before but it was still really good. Isla was so excited to see Lightening Mcqueen but she did get a bit fed up towards the end. We also went over to the Ratatouille ride to get a fast pass ticket so we could come back later, it was the newest ride at Disneyland so the queue time was ridiculous for it! 

We then met Donald Duck, Mickey and Minnie Mouse which was really exciting! We did have to queue up quite a while to see Mickey and Minnie but luckily I got in the waiting line quite early so we was near the front and only had to wait 20 minutes. They spent a lot of time with each person so it was worth the wait, Archie loved Mickey Mouse and was grabbing his nose and really smiling at him. We had loads of photos taken on my camera by the camera man which was so lovely, and he also took a few on his camera too. 

We had some food in the studios, and then we went to the Disney Junior Live to watch the show, as we walked in Sofia The First and Jake (Jake And The Neverland Pirates) were singing and dancing with all the children. It was so much fun and Isla was in awe that Sofia patted her on the head to encourage her to dance. After 10 minutes we went into the show and sat down, it was character puppets that all told a story, this one was about Minnie Mouse's birthday party and all the characters got involved to help, they also had bubbles and confetti coming down from the ceiling and Isla loved it, I think this was her highlight of the day. After the show the boys went on the Hollywood tower drop ride and then it was time for us to go on Ratatouille, it was so so good! We had to wear 3D goggles and we got in a mouse and it took you round, it was brilliant I highly recommend it. We then went on the cars ride again but this time Perry came on with us as there was no wait time so we took advantage of that. Afterwards we went to the Disney Village to do our shopping and then went back to the hotel to pack our suitcases. 

Tuesday 22nd December 2015

We got up early and handed our suitcases in to the express so we could pick them up later from the train station, we decided not to go for breakfast today as to be honest we was all fed up of the same food. We also wanted to make use of the extra early hour in the park before it opened to the public. Once we got to the park we went to the rides we had not yet been on, we went to the Star Tours and took it in turns to go on as Isla was too short. Perry also took Isla on the Buzz Lightyear laser blast as he didn't get to go on before. We then queued up to get a ticket to meet the Princess's, only one person could wait in line so Perry took Isla on the tea cups twice and on the carousel as the wait times were very short. 

Meanwhile Perry's sister was in the queue for an hour to get a ticket, we wasn't sure what time we would get given either, we all just hoped it would be before we had to leave. Luckily it was a time we could do so we walked around and watched a parade before heading pack to the princess pavilion, when we got inside we had to wait again for 15 minutes and then we was allowed to meet Rapunzel, Isla was so shy bless her but Archie was all smiles for her! Sadly we only got to meet one Princess and we all walked out in shock, Snow White was also in there but we didn't see her. This is nothing like back in 2012, when we came you walked round the different corners and met 3 Princess's so you could say we was very annoyed and upset. After this we went in some last minute shops, had a bite to eat, enjoyed some more last minute fake snow that they randomly turned on and then we made our way back to the train station to go home. When we got to the station they told us our seats had been changed and we was all split up, so all 4 of us had to squeeze on to 2 seats, so you could say we couldn't wait to get home! 

We had such a lovely time though and with it being Christmas it really added to the magic and excitement. We will definitely be returning, we have already spoke about coming again for Christmas in the near future. Look out for some detailed posts coming up here, I will be doing all sorts from eating out to rides suitable for toddlers! If you have any questions then please do ask and I will happily answer them. 


  1. I'll be at Disney land soon. But not that one. Good times.

  2. Those munchkins are having way too much fun!

  3. So much fun! I really want to go after reading your posts. It looks amazing and you all look like you've had such an amazing time. I'm wondering about the cost, is it expensive? Thanks for linking up to #MyFavouriteTrip Polly x


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