Mummy & Me | February

This month is always a busy one for us with Valentines Day and my Birthday, we have also been out a lot too, once again the nasty bugs have been working their way around the house so we have all been poorly, I just cant wait for the warmer weather to get here! Again this month I haven't really had the chance to ask someone to take some photos of us, so all of these are just the classic iPhone selfie style, better than nothing though right? 

These photos of me and Isla are from the 2 nights out I had, the first one was a night out with my friend to catch up, we went for dessert at our local waffle house and then for some drinks, I honestly cant remember the last time I went out like that, it was so nice to just let my hair down a bit and have time off Mummy duties. The second photo is from our Valentine's meal, Perry took me out to my favourite Indian restaurant while my parents watched the children for a couple hours, again this was really nice, but you know them moments when you are away from the kids but all you can think about is them? Yep that is what happened.

These photos of me and Archie are from my Birthday, we was at Tortilla at Lakeside Shopping Centre while Isla was at nursery. I love getting one on one time with him and always make it special by taking him to the park, swimming or soft play. But I don't think he minded shopping with Mummy for her Birthday, plus how adorable does he look in his shirt. 

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  1. Such lovely photos, you can't beat an iPhone selfie sometimes, they capture the little moments :). What a great month you've had too! Xx

  2. Love your photo's for this month, especially the last one! So lovely!

  3. Sweet captures. And thanks for dropping by my blog!


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