Siblings | February

My two have been really poorly so they really haven't been in the mood for pictures this time, so this is all I could get. With Isla now going to nursery every Wednesday the two of them are getting time apart, it is so sweet how Archie looks around for his big sister and crawls into her room looking for her, and then when we go to pick her up she shouts his name in such excitement and loves showing him off to her friends. The two of them love playing together with cars and babies, sometimes Isla can get annoyed at him as he tends to trash everything she does. If he gets upset she soon cuddles him and tells him its ok, she kisses him on the head and all is forgotten. 

Wathcing them grow up together and watching their bond grow stronger is one of the best things ever, I can see how different their personalities are already, and how they fit together most of the time but they do clash now and again. Isla has now started trying to teach things to her little brother, like counting, colours, animals and even sings songs to him, he gets so excited as he loves nursery rhymes. The relationship these two have already is really lovely, considering they have only been siblings for 9 months now, I am so proud of them both, and I am sure they are both proud of each other too. 

^ Showing him the sand that he really wasn't to sure on. She was reassuring him that its ok.

So that is it for my two in February, I am hoping they both get better soon and we are so looking forward to some warmer weather! I know before long it will be a special little boys 1st Birthday, I am looking forward to watching their bond change over the next few months now Archie is getting bigger and learning to walk as well. I cant wait to see them both running around together- I probably won't be saying that once it does happen though!

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  1. Aww Isla sounds like such a caring big sister! I can't believe you're thinking about Archie's first birthday already, he was only born a few months ago I swear! Xx

  2. Aww, I love Archie's face in that second picture! There's been lots of illness in our this month too - here's hoping every gets well soon!

  3. Ah they all look so snuggled up in their warm clothes, I love his snowsuit! You can't beat a good swing! xx


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