Us In January #MyMonthlyMontage

Alex over at Bump To Baby created a beautiful video of her lovely family in January using clips from cameras to phones, just simple ordinary moments that we capture but then put the videos to one side and forget about them. I love the idea of collecting all the footage you captured and turning it into a lovely video. So I will be doing this monthly from now on in the hope to look back at 12 beautiful videos from the year 2016. I am generally always filming the children as they are learning something new everyday, or I start filming with the intention of making it into a video but then forget and forget about the footage. 

I love having little videos to look back on, they capture so much more that a photo simply cant, although I also do love photography. I wasn't planning on doing it this month so I don't really have that much footage, but I still managed to create a 7 minute video of my little family in January. I love capturing the ordinary moments, its the little things that we forget and being able to capture them so we can watch them over and over is truly priceless. 

So here is us in January... 

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