Waffle House | 52 Adventures

This adventure probably was and will be Isla's favourite from this year, she loves waffles and asks for them at least 5 times a day. Our town recently opened up a waffle house and they sell a range of desserts, but the main ones are waffles. I actually came here Friday night with my friend, and already I am back but this time with my little family to enjoy a adventure. It was so windy so we knew we didn't want to spend a lot of time outside in it, so we run to the waffle house and excitedly looked in the menu.

We ordered our waffles and drinks, I had to get a mocha, Daddy got a pepsi in a glass bottle ooo-er and Isla had water. Here is my dessert, it was called strawberry blonde and it was 2 freshly made waffles (which are the most lightest and tastiest waffles I've ever had) covered in fresh cut up strawberries with white hot chocolate nutella drizzled over the top, a little mountain of fresh cream and a mini metal bucket of vanilla gelato!

Here is Daddies dessert, his one was called nutty professor, it was peanut butter, nutella and chopped nuts, with a side of squirty cream and chocolate gelato in a mini metal bucket. He got an extra waffle so Isla could just have 1 as they are pretty filling. He also ordered a extra hot shot of nutella which I also had half to add to mine hehe.

 ^ I love this one of my big girl 
 ^ Daddy was making him giggle, you can just about see his new bottom teeth.

^ I wasn't going to put this in as I don't like it, but realised id be pretty non existent in this adventure. I was there honest! 

It is our mission to have a action packed year, so we have set a goal to have a adventure every week in 2016. We have sat down and wrote a list of 52 activities to do, places to go and explore, also simple things to do at home. Just as long as we have a activity to do once a week we will be happy, and it is also my mission to capture and document the 52 adventures we do together as a family so we can look back at all the things we did that are so easily forgotten. 


  1. Oh my word those waffles look bummin amazing! We have a dessert/Waffle House just down the road to us that's meant to be great, never been though. I should try it! X

    1. You should definitely try it out for a treat! xx


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