Mummy & Me | March

Wow we are at the end of another month already!? Wasn't it just February like 2 minutes ago. This month has been a bit of a crazy one, lots of stuff has been happening in terms of my blog and also in my personal life, some stuff I will share in my own time. But for now lets talk about me and my two little beans. We haven't had as many lovely moments this month with Daddy working a lot and with everything that has been going on but we are so ready for April, and to finally see some warmer weather? That would be nice. 

This month I actually got a photo of the 3 of us, and this was the best one out of 7 haha. We had a lovely day out at a near by country park and made the most of the scenery.

I love these ones with Archie, the bottom one he is showing his cheeky side by sticking his tongue out!

My Wild Ones | 9

At the weekend we went to explore a new place that we hadn't yet been to, we was all pleasantly surprised by how lovely it was and questioned why we had never been before now. Isla especially enjoyed it, having new grounds to explore and find new things round every corner, she was in her element. We did have a slight disaster when she fell into some stinging nettles and it stung her hands and cheek of her face. Luckily shortly after we found the park and it helped take her mind off of it, and on the way back she even made friends with the ducks, swans and geese!

We all loved finding the daffodil garden, we cannot wait for Spring!

Siblings | March

The past month has been a bit up and down for these two, with Archie now getting into absolutely everything its proving difficult with Isla, she loves setting up her toys to play and when Arch crawls along and messes it up she gets a bit frustrated. But other than that they have had some great improvement this month, with Isla helping him to go up the stairs (yes I'm right behind him at all times) to helping him learn how to clap which he can now do by himself. They have also been exploring the outdoors a lot more now, we have been letting Archie crawl around in the garden and also on our adventures and they love exploring together. 

Isla has been so good at making sure Archie is Ok and has everything he needs, if he cries she cuddles and kisses him, if he is in his high chair she is bringing him his juice, picking up food or his cup that he has dropped. Archie has been trying to keep up with Isla, he stands up at the play kitchen and they both 'make' food together, they play in the bath together and anywhere Isla is you will be sure to find Archie near by as well. 

Looking at these photos I couldnt be more prouder of my two, they are both growing up into such great children, everything they have been doing and learning lately just makes me so proud and honoured that I was chosen to be their Mum. They are both at such great ages, and I am really enjoying them both so much, yes it is hard work and at times incredibly stressful, but I wouldn't change it for the world. I hope they stay this close forever and continue to be the best of friends for life. 

The Me and Mine Project

Me & Mine | February

February you have been so busy, we have a few special occasions in February that we celebrate, first was Valentines Day, followed by my Birthday and the day after that was 1 year until our Wedding day! This month has been a month of presents, eating out, chocolate and cake, which I am definitely not complaining about. This month has been a month of clearing out the house, I have thrown out and donated loads of toys and clothes, we have sold loads of bits and the house feels so much less cluttered now we love it. The kids have been doing so well, Isla has been getting good reports from nursery and staying dry in the night too which is amazing. Archie is just growing and learning new things everyday, I really love the age he is at its so funny watching his cheeky little personality come out. We have also been deciding on his 1st Birthday party theme and getting ideas for it which is just crazy, my pinterest has never been used so much as we are also now decorating all the bedrooms. I cant believe we are about to enter March, the weeks just flew by considering how slow January was I thought it was going to be another slow month but I really want time to slow down now before we have a 1 year old in May! 

Mummy's February Highlights
- Going to my favourite Indian restaurant for a Valentine's meal.
- Starting Pretty Little Liars on Netflix... Its become addictive!
- Purchasing some accessories for our bedroom makeover, I cant wait for it to be finished.
- Having a lovely Birthday shopping with my boys.
- My best friend making me a beautiful and delicious Birthday cake

Daddy's February Highlights
- Watching Archie walk along with his walker.
- Taking time off work to spend with his family, we all done some lovely things.
- Teaching Isla to count.
- Playing on the arcades at Clacton.
- Taking the kids swimming and watching them being in their element.

Isla's February Highlights
- Making new friends at nursery.
- Baking Valentine's cupcakes with Mummy.
- Getting all the paw patrol figurines, she loves that programme so much.
- Winning coins and tickets at the arcades.
- Going to the waffle dessert restaurant - her favourite!

Archie's February Highlights
- Assisted walking, he is a pro now and does it all by himself.
- Getting one of his top teeth - the second one is almost through too.
- Being upgraded to a big boy car seat.
- Going swimming again for the first time in months.
- Being very vocal, all the time.

The Me and Mine Project

The Gro Company | Gro Clock

For the past few months we have been having a absolute nightmare with Isla and sleep, now don't get me wrong we was very lucky and she did start sleeping through the night at 2 months old but since becoming a toddler it has got worse. She dropped her naps at 2.5 years old and seems to just have loads and loads of energy, I honestly don't know where it comes from, because if I did I would be having some for myself! Bedtime has become a bit of a battle in this house, some nights it can be OK but others it can take us over 2 hours of keep putting her back into bed and dealing with the constant demands of milk, stories, trips to the toilet and checking for spiders under the bed before she gives up and goes to sleep. Some nights this can be as late as 10pm+ and others she will go to bed perfectly at 7:30pm which is her 'bed time', but then she wakes up anywhere from 5am onwards and that's when she has gone to bed really late and that's after a full 8am - 6pm day at nursery - like I said I have no idea where this energy comes from. She doesn't get this from me because I love my sleep and since dealing with the added stress of late bedtimes and early mornings I'm not as fresh as a daisy as I use to be!

When we was given the opportunity to review the Gro Clock by The Gro Company I was very anxious to see how it would work, I was willing to try anything at this point so was looking forward to setting it up and trying it out with Isla. The instructions were easy to follow and the clock was easy enough to set up, I put the time in and set the wake up time which we put down as 7:30am. Isla was really excited about the clock and was looking forward to watching the stars come out on the clock display.

My Wild Ones | 8

The past week has been a tough one, but ill save that for another post! The other weekend we went on a little family adventure to one of our local Grufallo trails. We had a lovely day and you can read more about it here, it was a lovely adventure and there is nothing more my big girl loves than exploring the outdoors, climbing over trees and logs, collecting sticks and stones, running in the mud and jumping in muddy puddles. She is an outdoorsy child, she loves being outside and the fresh air does her so much good, she is at her happiest when she is outside and is always up for an adventure. 

^ This is one of my new favourites of her.

The Grufallo Trail | 52 Adventures

The Grufallo Trail was something we had been wanting to do for a long time, we woke up and it was a dry day - cold but dry at least. We packed up the car, got our coats, hats and wellingtons and headed for Thorndon Country Park. I always feel a little guilty as Arch cant walk yet and so the adventures are not all that fun for him, but he loves looking around and the fresh air is great for him too. Isla loves exploring and being outside, she really is at her happiest when we are. She's always looking for sticks, leaves and stones to collect from our walks, she even found a 1p and wouldn't let go of her coin as she calls it. She did drop it and started panicking and crying that she had lost it, super mum to the rescue.. I got a penny out my purse and threw it on the floor and said look Isla there it is! All was better now thankfully and we could continue our walk to find the characters and explore the park properly, there was also lots of stick shelters that you could sit in, and that meant we had to go in and explore every.. single.. one. 

What Archie Wore | 2

Top - H&M | Joggers - Next | Bodysuit - M&S | Socks - Aldi

Arch is wearing his new top from H&M, I actually got it in a 2 pack in the sale so it only worked out £2 for each top. I mainly bought is as he was bought these black joggers from Next and I wanted a black and white top to go with them. I don't normally dress him in black and white but I think he looks good and pulls it off well, its nice to be different now and again. 

Toddler Lunch Ideas

I don't know about you but I really struggle with lunch ideas for my 3 year old toddler and so I find posts like this really helpful and at times a saviour with my battle everyday of getting my toddler to eat. So I thought I would show what she has been having for lunch recently in hope that it may help just one of you. Most of this is what I gave my 10 month old baby too, as I like to keep it similar so I'm not making 6 different meals a day for them both. If you have any favourites at your house then please let me know in the comments below, I am always looking for new ideas and recipes. 

Lunch 1. 
Raspberries, blueberries and grapes. Cut up pair. Cheese spread sandwich (cut into squares as requested) and a banana. 

Lunch 2.
A apple. Grapes and strawberries. Kiddylicious banana wafer. Cheese spread and ham wrap.

Vital Baby Twist 'N' Lock Freezer Pods

Being a Mum for the past 3 years you could say I have been through my fair share of baby products, and one thing that I look for now is well made and thought of products, and after receiving the Vital Baby twist 'n' lock freezer pods I knew these would be right up my alley. After reading the packaging I was sold, and its funny how something so simple can sell a product to you, just the fact the pots locked into the tray were immediately a win for me, and a good sign to remind myself I am such a Mum. I once used the standard freezer pots from Tesco and as soon as I tipped the tray into the freezer drawer to put it in, all of the pots went flying, some even on the floor and the lids flying off! So lets talk about the genius new freezer pods by Vital Baby... 

- BPA Free
- Removable pots that twist 'n' lock into the tray
- Flexisoft base to easily remove frozen food
- Microwave safe pots for reheating food
- Safe for the dishwasher (top rack), steriliser and freezer
- 6 x 60ml/2oz pots 
- Only £5.79 

Archie is mainly BLW but when we have leftovers from meals especially things like beef and chicken stews I love to blend them a little and store them as back ups. If we ever have takeaway or if my Mum watches the children, having the frozen meals are super handy and at least I know what is in them as well. So you can use them in 5 simple steps... 

1. Straight after making your puree simply fill the pots with the food even if its hot or cold.

2. Insert and lock the pots into the tray and put them in the freezer.

3. Press the soft silicone base to pop the frozen cube out into a bowl and heat up,
OR 4. Microwave defrost and heat up straight from the freezer in the pot.

5. Feed directly from the pot.

I love how simple and easy they are to use, and the fact I can heat the food in the pots and feed directly from them mean less washing up for me which is always a bonus! The pots are also a really good size, as your baby grows you can just use more pots per feed to double up on the portion size. Even beyond weaning you can use the pots for snacks to throw in your changing bag so they really can last a long time. The lock feature is such a good idea, our freezer isn't very big and has drawers that don't pull out very far so when I tipped the try in at a angle to get it in the freezer, all the pots stayed in place. I really rate Vital Baby highly with baby products, the packaging is bold and also made from recycled materials which is so good, they are also a British brand. Vital Baby also sell a huge range of weaning essentials, bottles, sippy cups, and a variety of healthcare products too. 

Family Fever

Chocolate Chip Cookies

This week Isla and I made chocolate chip cookies, we cooked them in 2 different ways the first batch I made 6 big cookies and got them out when they was a little gooey still and we had them with ice cream as a treat for Isla as she had been unwell. The rest of the batch were smaller cookies, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside!

For this recipe I used:

- 100g light brown soft sugar
- 125g caster sugar
- 125g softened butter
- 225g self raising flour
- 1 egg
- 1 tsp vanilla extract
- 1/2 tsp salt
- 200g chocolate chips 

Here is how we made them: 

- preheat oven to 180oC
- cream the butters together 
- mix in the vanilla extract and egg
- sift in the flour and salt 
- add the chocolate chips in 
- using your hands roll the mixture into little balls
- place them on a greased baking tray, either butter or baking paper
- cook for 8 minutes for gooey soft cookies or cook until brown on the edges

^ She is becoming so independent now, she listens to what I say and does it all correctly!

Disneyland Paris At Christmas

We visited Disneyland Paris in December and had the most amazing time, I have visited Disneyland Paris in the past but this was my first time in the Christmas season, and I can honestly say it was so much more magical if that is even possible!? It definitely helped us all get in the Christmas spirit even more and it also helped with my extreme excitement for Christmas Day as it broke December up a bit. We visited from the 18th to the 22nd December and was also there for Isla's 3rd Birthday so that made the trip even more better! I thought I would share with you some of the added little extras that we noticed around the park during the Christmas season and just give you a taste of what it is like at Disneyland during the Christmas period. 

The Castle
How pretty does the castle look with all the twinkling lights on it, they would also flash to look like it was snowing too and it looked amazing at night time. 

The Christmas Tree And Lights
The tree was positioned just as you walked into the main street, it was huge! They also had little shows where Mickey and Minnie Mouse would count down to turn the lights on and sing Christmas songs, also a special appearance from Santa was so special, especially for Isla. Everywhere that could possibly have lights on it did, the whole park was just lit up of a night time, the little trees near the main Christmas tree were my favourite.

HiPP Organic Follow On Milk & Giveaway

We started weaning Archie at 6 months old, he had already been showing all the signs for over a month to say he was ready but we waited and he had his first taste of food at 6 months old, a beef roast dinner to be exact! He has done really well with weaning, we do a mixture of BLW and purees but now he is 10 months old it is more finger food with the occasional puree. One thing we have also changed is his formula, he is now on follow on milk for age 6+ months to compliment his new diet, we never changed Isla's milk but after looking into it we could see the benefits of the follow on milk and decided it was the right change to make. Archie has dropped a bottle so now has 2 8oz and 1 9oz bottle before bed as well as his 3 meals a day.

Don't worry his bottle is meant to be that colour, its the night time bottle by Avent.
The Hipp Organic Follow On Milk is the only complete organic formula that is available in the UK, it contains the right amount of ingredients for a weaning baby like vitamins A, C and D for the immune system, Iron for cognitive development and PRÆBIOTIK® (GOS). I noticed compared to the Cow and Gate follow on milk that we use that Hipp contained a lot more of the ingredients on most vitamins and nutrients. Archie has taken to the follow on milk really well and its nice to know that he is getting the right added vitamins needed so I don't have to worry to much that he's not getting enough iron etc into his diet if he throws his food everywhere as I know the formula is like a back up and contains more than his infant stage 1 milk. 

As you can see weaning is going very well, we are both really enjoying it, especially now he has 3 teeth and has properly learnt to chew he gets stuck into eating everything. His favourite foods are tomatoes, yorkshire puddings and beef, oh and as you can see he loves his Mummy's spaghetti bolognese!