Disneyland Paris At Christmas

We visited Disneyland Paris in December and had the most amazing time, I have visited Disneyland Paris in the past but this was my first time in the Christmas season, and I can honestly say it was so much more magical if that is even possible!? It definitely helped us all get in the Christmas spirit even more and it also helped with my extreme excitement for Christmas Day as it broke December up a bit. We visited from the 18th to the 22nd December and was also there for Isla's 3rd Birthday so that made the trip even more better! I thought I would share with you some of the added little extras that we noticed around the park during the Christmas season and just give you a taste of what it is like at Disneyland during the Christmas period. 

The Castle
How pretty does the castle look with all the twinkling lights on it, they would also flash to look like it was snowing too and it looked amazing at night time. 

The Christmas Tree And Lights
The tree was positioned just as you walked into the main street, it was huge! They also had little shows where Mickey and Minnie Mouse would count down to turn the lights on and sing Christmas songs, also a special appearance from Santa was so special, especially for Isla. Everywhere that could possibly have lights on it did, the whole park was just lit up of a night time, the little trees near the main Christmas tree were my favourite.

The Decorations and Snow Machine
The whole park was decorated with fairy lights, tinsel and Christmas statues. It was so pretty during the day and even more at night time. They also had snow machines on top of all the buildings down the main high street that they would randomly turn on, also during parades and the light countdown. It added to the touch wonderfully and Isla was so excited by it, even when I told her it was pretend snow. It made me all fuzzy inside watching how excited she was about it, and I also was so super excited and happy.  

The Christmas Parade
The Christmas parade was probably one of the most magical things about our trip, it was shown around 4 times a day so you was guaranteed to see it. They turned the snow machine on while it was going past and it just felt really christmassy and magical, at the end of the parade was Father Christmas in his sleigh with his reindeer, it was really exciting and all the children were screaming for Santa. All the floats were decorated for Christmas too which added the touch and some of the characters were in their winter costumes too.

The Light And Firework Show
This was the most amazing show I have ever seen, they used projectors, the water fountains and fireworks to create the most magical show ever. I believe it is shown all year round but the one during December is a Christmas version, and it was just amazing. They projected all the well known characters onto the castle and even in the mist of the water which was just incredible, its really hard to explain how they did it but I think I got a photo of it. 

Well that is all I'm going to share about our experience at Disneyland Paris during the Christmas period, it was honestly so good and magical I couldn't of asked for it to of been better. The only thing I would change is the dates that we went, I would of gone earlier and came home on the Sunday so we would of missed the busy period, we only really got 2 days of it being pretty quiet and the other 3 were just so busy, I also panicked about coming home so close to Christmas and even almost forgot to order my turkey! Overall it was so good and I would highly recommend going during the Christmas season for the added magical touch, but anytime of the year is exciting as well, especially when your watching the magic through the eyes of your children. We will definitely be returning again soon in the future!

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