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February you have been so busy, we have a few special occasions in February that we celebrate, first was Valentines Day, followed by my Birthday and the day after that was 1 year until our Wedding day! This month has been a month of presents, eating out, chocolate and cake, which I am definitely not complaining about. This month has been a month of clearing out the house, I have thrown out and donated loads of toys and clothes, we have sold loads of bits and the house feels so much less cluttered now we love it. The kids have been doing so well, Isla has been getting good reports from nursery and staying dry in the night too which is amazing. Archie is just growing and learning new things everyday, I really love the age he is at its so funny watching his cheeky little personality come out. We have also been deciding on his 1st Birthday party theme and getting ideas for it which is just crazy, my pinterest has never been used so much as we are also now decorating all the bedrooms. I cant believe we are about to enter March, the weeks just flew by considering how slow January was I thought it was going to be another slow month but I really want time to slow down now before we have a 1 year old in May! 

Mummy's February Highlights
- Going to my favourite Indian restaurant for a Valentine's meal.
- Starting Pretty Little Liars on Netflix... Its become addictive!
- Purchasing some accessories for our bedroom makeover, I cant wait for it to be finished.
- Having a lovely Birthday shopping with my boys.
- My best friend making me a beautiful and delicious Birthday cake

Daddy's February Highlights
- Watching Archie walk along with his walker.
- Taking time off work to spend with his family, we all done some lovely things.
- Teaching Isla to count.
- Playing on the arcades at Clacton.
- Taking the kids swimming and watching them being in their element.

Isla's February Highlights
- Making new friends at nursery.
- Baking Valentine's cupcakes with Mummy.
- Getting all the paw patrol figurines, she loves that programme so much.
- Winning coins and tickets at the arcades.
- Going to the waffle dessert restaurant - her favourite!

Archie's February Highlights
- Assisted walking, he is a pro now and does it all by himself.
- Getting one of his top teeth - the second one is almost through too.
- Being upgraded to a big boy car seat.
- Going swimming again for the first time in months.
- Being very vocal, all the time.

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  1. I LOVE these pictures, such a beautiful family! YAY to pretty little liars too, it's so addictive isn't it haha xx


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