My Wild Ones | 9

At the weekend we went to explore a new place that we hadn't yet been to, we was all pleasantly surprised by how lovely it was and questioned why we had never been before now. Isla especially enjoyed it, having new grounds to explore and find new things round every corner, she was in her element. We did have a slight disaster when she fell into some stinging nettles and it stung her hands and cheek of her face. Luckily shortly after we found the park and it helped take her mind off of it, and on the way back she even made friends with the ducks, swans and geese!

We all loved finding the daffodil garden, we cannot wait for Spring!

Climbing the spiders web all by herself, when did she get so grown up. Me in the background had just spotted the perfect location for our family and sibling photos!

By the time she had turned around she had around 10 ducks and 4 geese following her, my little nature lover.



  1. Gorgeous photos! I love the shot with the daffodils, looks absolutely beautiful. You can't beat exploring a new place can you. #mywildones

  2. Aww bless her, at least the ducks and geese and climbing frame cheered her up after the nasty stinging nettle fall.
    Popping over from My Wild Ones :)
    Sophie x

  3. What a lovely place to explore! It looks so quiet and peaceful :)

    Thanks for linking up to #MyWildOnes xx

  4. It looks like a fantastic place for a walk - despite the nettles! I love all the ducks and geese following, so cute. #MyWildOnes


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