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For the past few months we have been having a absolute nightmare with Isla and sleep, now don't get me wrong we was very lucky and she did start sleeping through the night at 2 months old but since becoming a toddler it has got worse. She dropped her naps at 2.5 years old and seems to just have loads and loads of energy, I honestly don't know where it comes from, because if I did I would be having some for myself! Bedtime has become a bit of a battle in this house, some nights it can be OK but others it can take us over 2 hours of keep putting her back into bed and dealing with the constant demands of milk, stories, trips to the toilet and checking for spiders under the bed before she gives up and goes to sleep. Some nights this can be as late as 10pm+ and others she will go to bed perfectly at 7:30pm which is her 'bed time', but then she wakes up anywhere from 5am onwards and that's when she has gone to bed really late and that's after a full 8am - 6pm day at nursery - like I said I have no idea where this energy comes from. She doesn't get this from me because I love my sleep and since dealing with the added stress of late bedtimes and early mornings I'm not as fresh as a daisy as I use to be!

When we was given the opportunity to review the Gro Clock by The Gro Company I was very anxious to see how it would work, I was willing to try anything at this point so was looking forward to setting it up and trying it out with Isla. The instructions were easy to follow and the clock was easy enough to set up, I put the time in and set the wake up time which we put down as 7:30am. Isla was really excited about the clock and was looking forward to watching the stars come out on the clock display.

The clock came with a book that we read before bed time, around half way through it asks you to set the clock in sleep time mode so that's what we did, Isla is 3 years 2 months and she totally understood it and was so excited that the clock was in the story as well. I explained to her that the stars would appear during the night and when it was time to get out of bed the sun would shine on the clock and she was allowed to come in to us in bed. That was it, we didn't hear a peep out of her and she went to sleep like a dream, the next morning she came running into us, when I looked it was 7:24am! I was not complaining at all, she had been to nursery the previous day so I hoped she would sleep in a little.

Since then we have had a wide variety of wake up times, 5:40am being the earliest in the past 2 weeks, but having the clock does help as we can now take her back to bed and explain that the sun has not come out yet so its still sleep time. On one occasion she did go back to bed but sat in her bed reading books until it was time to get up. The clock has definitely helped with getting her to go to bed, every night she is excited to watch the sun go down and the star come up on the clock, this has meant Mummy and Daddy now have their evenings back. She definitely understands the difference so much more now, and I did have to explain that although the sun is up outside that doesn't mean its time to wake up to start the day, that's why the special sun comes up on the clock and that means we can get out of bed. Its so simple for her to understand and the more we are putting our foot down the more she is starting to get that she may as well stay in bed until the sun comes out.

The Gro Clock has some awesome features like
- It is suitable for ages 2+
- It comes with a lovely little book
- Adjustable screen brightness
- Stars that go out during the night to show the passing of time
- Images of the sun and a star to show the difference between sleep/wake time
- Alarm feature (great for when they go to school)
- Educational option to help them learn the time
- Key lock option
- Option to have 2 separate wake up times for naps or weekends
- Downloadable Gro Clock reward chart

Overall we love the Gro Clock, it has definitely helped us and we are slowly starting to see a improvement with wake up times, and Isla has a better understanding of the time now as well. 
I love that the clock can grow with her and I can see it lasting us a very long time. I am glad it is working and that it has made putting her to bed a lot easier, I think she likes having the glow from the clock as a comfort now too. It definitely helps when I want to check on her in the night too as now I am not trending on toys and having to silently scream without waking everyone up. So Thank You The Gro Company for making our bedtimes a lot easier!

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