Toddler Lunch Ideas

I don't know about you but I really struggle with lunch ideas for my 3 year old toddler and so I find posts like this really helpful and at times a saviour with my battle everyday of getting my toddler to eat. So I thought I would show what she has been having for lunch recently in hope that it may help just one of you. Most of this is what I gave my 10 month old baby too, as I like to keep it similar so I'm not making 6 different meals a day for them both. If you have any favourites at your house then please let me know in the comments below, I am always looking for new ideas and recipes. 

Lunch 1. 
Raspberries, blueberries and grapes. Cut up pair. Cheese spread sandwich (cut into squares as requested) and a banana. 

Lunch 2.
A apple. Grapes and strawberries. Kiddylicious banana wafer. Cheese spread and ham wrap.

Lunch 3.
Raspberries. A pitta bread pizza - tomato puree and cheese. Kiddylicious blueberry wafer. A banana.


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  1. yummy pitta pizzas - good idea - i'll try this xx #shareitsunday


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