Vital Baby Twist 'N' Lock Freezer Pods

Being a Mum for the past 3 years you could say I have been through my fair share of baby products, and one thing that I look for now is well made and thought of products, and after receiving the Vital Baby twist 'n' lock freezer pods I knew these would be right up my alley. After reading the packaging I was sold, and its funny how something so simple can sell a product to you, just the fact the pots locked into the tray were immediately a win for me, and a good sign to remind myself I am such a Mum. I once used the standard freezer pots from Tesco and as soon as I tipped the tray into the freezer drawer to put it in, all of the pots went flying, some even on the floor and the lids flying off! So lets talk about the genius new freezer pods by Vital Baby... 

- BPA Free
- Removable pots that twist 'n' lock into the tray
- Flexisoft base to easily remove frozen food
- Microwave safe pots for reheating food
- Safe for the dishwasher (top rack), steriliser and freezer
- 6 x 60ml/2oz pots 
- Only £5.79 

Archie is mainly BLW but when we have leftovers from meals especially things like beef and chicken stews I love to blend them a little and store them as back ups. If we ever have takeaway or if my Mum watches the children, having the frozen meals are super handy and at least I know what is in them as well. So you can use them in 5 simple steps... 

1. Straight after making your puree simply fill the pots with the food even if its hot or cold.

2. Insert and lock the pots into the tray and put them in the freezer.

3. Press the soft silicone base to pop the frozen cube out into a bowl and heat up,
OR 4. Microwave defrost and heat up straight from the freezer in the pot.

5. Feed directly from the pot.

I love how simple and easy they are to use, and the fact I can heat the food in the pots and feed directly from them mean less washing up for me which is always a bonus! The pots are also a really good size, as your baby grows you can just use more pots per feed to double up on the portion size. Even beyond weaning you can use the pots for snacks to throw in your changing bag so they really can last a long time. The lock feature is such a good idea, our freezer isn't very big and has drawers that don't pull out very far so when I tipped the try in at a angle to get it in the freezer, all the pots stayed in place. I really rate Vital Baby highly with baby products, the packaging is bold and also made from recycled materials which is so good, they are also a British brand. Vital Baby also sell a huge range of weaning essentials, bottles, sippy cups, and a variety of healthcare products too. 

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  1. These are very well designed. I've been through so many and never really been happy with any of them. I swear I keep finding loose pots in the freezer now!

  2. These are a great idea for weaning babies. They look like a good size too. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested


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