Aldi Baby & Toddler Event | 21st April

Mums and Dads! Its that time again, Aldi are having their baby and toddler event again this Thursday 21st April, so get down to your local store to grab some bargain deals, I know I will be! We are recently converted to Aldi for our weekly food shopping, and this is my second baby and toddler event that I will be heading too, last time I got a few goodies which you can read about here.

But don't worry if you don't have a local store close enough as you can actually order a lot of the stuff online in the specialbuy online launch this Thursday, and now for the first time you can order the jumbo box of nappies online too! But these are only for the specialbuy event and subject to availability so be quick as I am sure they will go fast! This will be so handy for me as well as I don't drive so have always been put off buying the boxes due to carrying them home, unless I'm with my partner in the car then we will buy them, and how could we not the prices are so reasonable.

Size 2 - £3.79
Size 3 - £5.79
Size 4 - £5.79
Size 4+ - £5.79
Size 5 - £5.79

You can also pick up the Mamia Organic Apple & Blackcurrant Juice (6 months +) for just 79p!
Mamia Organic Baby Pouches (Stage 1) for just 59p and the Mamia Organic Apple & Pear Fruit Pots for only 85p and that's for 4 pots too! Archie loves all of these and the pots are handy to keep in the cupboard at home for a snack or go towards his lunch, and I always carry a pouch in my changing bag too, you never know if your out longer than expected of if your baby suddenly gets hungry, they are great to keep as a back up.

I'm looking forward to seeing what I can pick up in my local store this Thursday, and again I will share what I picked up like I did last time. Let me know if you will be heading down to Aldi this week, or even take advantage of the online event and for the first time order the jumbo boxes of nappies!

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