Me & Mine | March

March has been a odd one for us, with highs and lows but most of them being lows unfortunately, and that is probably why this is up again so late. But we did have some good moments so lets focus on them, we've had some lovely days with family and spending time with them, probably something we should do more often actually. We went to birthday parties, I swear the kids have a better social life than us! We've had some warmer weather finally so have had lots of evenings at the park, walks and I also started my walking up again which I am so happy about. Archie has been assisted walking everywhere this past month, so he got his first pair of Clarks cruising shoes in a size 4G! We are looking forward to the warmer weather to stay, we have so much planned for the summer and we just cant wait now, I also cant believe that April will be our last month with a 'baby' as the 2nd May our little Archie will turn 1! 

Mummy's March Highlights
- Spending lots of time with her friends.
- Ticking more things off the wedding to do list.
- Going on lots of adventures.
- Getting back into her fitness and going on daily walks/jogs.
- Isla bringing home her first homemade cake and card.

Daddy's March Highlights
- Archie standing unassisted and clapping his hands.
- Eating lots of Easter eggs.
- Taking Mummy to Hobbycraft for the first time.
- Isla learning how to get up to the big slide in the park by herself.
- Getting a record on his bike, he made it home in 10 minutes!

Isla's March Highlights
- Making new friends at nursery.
- Staying dry at night time.
- Getting her first 'boyfriend'.
- Eating lots of chocolate and ice cream.
- Making her first hot cross bun and pizza at nursery.

Archie's March Highlights
- Getting his 2 top teeth.
- Getting lots of cuddles from family and friends.
- Eating his first chocolate (total surprise)
- Walking loads with his walker.
- Being pushed high on the swings.

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  1. I hope there's loads more highs for you from now on! I love your photos, they're always so bright and happy. How cute is it that Isla got her first boyfriend?! haha xx

    1. Thank You I need lots of hope! Haha I cant say Daddy was impressed about it lol xx


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