My Wild Ones | 10

This week has seen a big change for us, since I decided to jump back into my fitness routine again. We have found a lovely trail near by and will now walk this almost daily. The kids seem to love the walk and enjoy looking out at the wildlife like ducks, swans, geese, seagulls, rabbits and squirrels. We also spot the occasional boat and train too which they both like to watch as it whooshes past us all, and if Isla waves enough they sometimes even sound their horn too which is exciting for her. 

When I take a break I do let Isla get out and explore a little, we also discovered a park on the trail as well but you have to climb over a gate and run across the train track crossing, this is not doable on my own but when we are with friends or Perry we do go in. I love how much they enjoy the walk just as much as I do, and I love that every time we go it is a different experience, even though it is the same walk. 



  1. Looks like a great walk destination, plus kids love nature and transport spotting :) my puppy would love a walk somewhere like that, mud, trees and water! Not to mention squirrels!
    Sophie x

  2. What a lovely place to walk! Can I ask what pushchair that is please? It looks great for muddy walks!! I hope the getting back into the fitness regime goes well - I've been trying to go out for a walk every day recently.

    Thanks for linking up to #MyWildOnes xx

  3. Looks like a great place for a walk and I'm sure seeing trains and boats makes it extra exciting! I really should get out more with my two #MyWildOnes


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