My Wild Ones | 11

Bubbles... There is something about them, they just seem to bring such joy and happiness to children, the look of excitement and wonder in their faces as they watch them fly in the sky and then when they pop they giggle even more. I have to say I really enjoyed blowing the bubbles, it become addictive and I found that I actually really enjoyed them too. It was also lovely watching them both so happy as well, I just didn't want to stop it was so much fun. 

^ I really like this photo, just the look on his face as he is watching the bubbles flying in the sky.

^ This is another favourite too. He was so excited and giggling away so much.

Your probably wondering where Isla is, she was running around the whole field chasing the bubbles as they blew away. At one point we had to shout to call her back as I didn't think she was going to stop. I couldnt keep her still for a photo, well long enough for the camera to focus anyway, she soon became a white blur with a bunch of bubbles. Im looking forward to doing the bubbles again, we just need this warm weather to come and stay for a while so we can enjoy the garden and park again. 



  1. Kids just gravitate towards bubbles don't they. We once had a bottle of bubble solution which allows bubbles to be stuck together. Worst idea ever, they left a patch like peeling PVA glue wherever they landed and popped!
    Sophie x

  2. Fabulous photos! Archie looks like he's having the best time!!!

    Thanks for linking up to #MyWildOnes xx

  3. Aww, just look at his face! My two both love bubbles too - we've got a bubble machine which is brilliant but Toby likes it best when his dad blows big bubbles :) #MyWildOnes


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