Siblings | April

I finally have my iMac back from being repaired! So now to catch up with some posts, I took a couple of photos for this but shortly after my iMac got sent off for repair so I was unable to do this in time, I really should be more organised! 

So this month my two have changed so much, like something has totally made them click like never before. They are now almost inseparable, they are playing together - nicely, sharing toys, Isla is teaching Archie so much stuff and he loves watching her and copying. They have been such a joy to be around this past month, both laughing together, exploring outside in the garden and with Archie now so close to walking he is able to join in with pretty much everything. He can stand and play with the water table in the garden and they will both play with that for ages together. 

I am so happy that they have changed, and I can see the best bond forming between them both, they just both like being together now, whereas before Isla was still a little independent and got annoyed when he would trash her toys, but they seem to have found some mutual ground and have been so well behaved together recently. 

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