A Beautiful Reminder

On the evening of Archie's 1st Birthday we was driving home from our day at Southend-On-Sea when we spotted a beautiful rainbow while we was driving down the motorway, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, as most of you know Archie is our rainbow baby and we conceived him 2 weeks after our miscarriage, of course I always think about that baby and if it was a boy or girl, and how special Archie feels for being our rainbow baby. So to see a beautiful rainbow on his Birthday just made me so happy, it felt like the baby we lost was saying Happy Birthday to him and showing that they are watching over us. It felt like a sign for Archie and it was such a beautiful way to end his 1st Birthday. By the time we was getting closer to home you could see the whole rainbow from one side to another, and in the middle was our house, seems silly but I did get some tears in my eyes and thought how lucky we was to have Archie. If you have a rainbow baby do you always think of them when you see a rainbow? I know I do... 


I read all your comments and will reply when I can :)