Archie's 12 Month Update

Ah so we have reached the 1 year mark! Archie turned 1 last Monday and we had a brilliant day celebrating with him. He now weighs 24lb exactly which puts him in the 91st percentile for weight, and he is also 77cm which puts him in the 75th percentile for height. He has been in 12-18 month clothing for a few months now, long sleeve tops now need to be 18-24 months due to his chubby arms! His bottoms have only just been switched to 12-18 months and they are a little long on him at the moment. He has 4 teeth and his 5th has just cut on the top next to his big tooth, his hair is growing on top finally and seems to be going a light blonde in colour, his eyes are still a beautiful shade of blue, he is in size 5 nappies, his feet are a size 4G. 

He can climb up on to furniture and knows how to correctly get down as well by turning on to his belly and putting his feet down first, he can crawl so so fast, he can stand unassisted and can bring himself slowly back down to the floor by himself. He took his first steps 3 nights ago (only 2.5 months later than his sister haha) but hasn't taken any more since, yet he can run around with his walker and he knows how to steer it to move around too. He knows where to put toys back and also puts his clothes back in his drawer and shuts the drawer all by himself! He is VERY vocal, he can say mumma, dada, baba, car, burger, yeah, hiya, look, and is constantly babbling. He is not shy at all unlike how his sister was, he is happy to go to anyone, he really loves being around people as well. He can nod to say no and yes which is super cute, and he knows them so if we say yeah he does the correct nod. 

He can clap, wave and sometimes blows kisses. He loves pretend play, he will put plastic food to his mouth and make eating noises and moves his mouth. He also grabs a pretend wooden knife and tries to cut the play food and any other obstacle, he also like to use a spoon and stirs in a toy bowl. He loves bubbles, water, and generally likes playing and exploring everything. He is so confident and doesn't seem to have any fears - yikes. He loves playing with cars and can make the brrr noise while pushing them along, he loves his toot toot garage, he loves playing with the toy kitchen, and he loves cuddling his toys, he is so sweet and loving. If I lay his pillow pet on the floor he will go and lay on it, he also cuddles his big teddies that he has and roll around on the floor with them. He also likes playing with big sisters dolls and gives them kisses. He is very outgoing and loves swimming, he is a total water baby - he was crawling down to the sea at the weekend!

He is a funny little boy and loves to make everyone laugh, he is also very cheeky as well and such a pleasure to be around. Everywhere I go I always get comments on how sweet and funny he is, he also likes to flirt - a lot! We all love you Archie, keep being you my sweet beautiful boy. 

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