Happy 1st Birthday Archie

I can't believe you are One, time has gone so so fast this past year. It only feels like yesterday that I had the most amazing birth with you, you was born in the pool and everything was just perfect. Watching you grow this past year has been amazing, and I am so honoured to be your Mummy, you are the most cheekiest, happiest and the most loving little boy that I know. From this little newborn you have grown into such a beautiful little boy, you are so clever and so funny, you love making us all laugh and when we do, your smile and giggle lights up the room. 

I love that your a Mummy's boy, you love cuddles and snuggling up to me, in general you just love snuggling even on blankets on the floor, it's so sweet. You are so loving, and I can't wait to watch you grow even more, I'm still in shock a whole year has gone by that you've been here. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have, I've loved every second of watching you grow, watching your milestones, teaching you to clap, your first words etc. 

I'm sorry that I haven't got to have much alone time with you and that my attention is divided, that you've had to cry a little more than I had liked. I'm sorry you haven't had as much as your sister did, but I can promise you we love you so much, and that love is the same. Things have been different with you, instead of looking forward to the next milestone and wishing it would hurry up, I've been the opposite in wishing time would slow down, this time I've enjoyed just sitting watching you learn and embracing everything new that you do, and helping you learn. 

I've also loved that you made Isla a big sister, and watching your bond grow has been so amazing to watch over this past year. I couldn't of asked for a better brother for her, you absolutely idolise her, since you was tiny you have been obsessed with her, watching her all the time and now you can crawl after her and play together. Of course you both have your moments, but deep down you both love each other so much. You are the best of friends and I'm looking forward to watching your bond grow over the next year. 

I have always wanted a little boy, and I'm so glad you are the one I got, I wouldn't change you for the world, I am so incredibly proud of you, of the little boy that you are. You make everyone smile, and you also make everyone's arms ache too haha. I just can't believe how lucky I am that you are mine. Everyday when I look at you and your sister you both make me so proud and give me a reason to keep going, to keep providing the best for you. 

I love you so so much Archie, I could write about you all day, but even then I couldn't even explain how much I love you. I really hope you enjoy your birthday, I can't wait to see your face when you wake up, when you wake up as my beautiful One year old. 

Love Mummy xx  

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