Me & Mine | April

April wow you flew by, where is this year going? We spent April getting ready for our little boys 1st Birthday and his party. I spent the month trying to capture as much of him as I could on video and photos, we had lots of play dates with friends too which was nice. We was also preparing for Archie's Birthday party, we done a Mickey Mouse theme and it was a great party, we was so happy with how it turned out for him. 

Mummy's April Highlights
- Getting dressed up for a night out.
- Making lots of decorations by hand for Archie's party.
- Getting Archie's Birthday presents (Im such a big kid).
- Being pleased with my weight loss comparison photos.
- Spending quality time as a family during the week.

Daddy's April Highlights
- Having some time off for quality family time.
- Isla getting a good report at nursery.
- Dancing with Mummy at a party.
- Going bowling with Mummy.
- Lots of family walks. 

Isla's April Highlights
- Making lots of food at nursery.
- Making a squirrel friend in the garden.
- Going to a party and staying up way past her bedtime dancing.
- Going down the big slide at soft play.
- Winning a big teddy at Clacton Pier.

Archie's April Highlights
- Playing at Isla's nursery for the afternoon.
- Getting his new toy car.
- Going down a big slide at soft play with Daddy.
- Learning to climb up on to the table.
- Going on lots of walks and exploring new places.

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