Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 1st Birthday Party

On Sunday we hosted a party at our house to celebrate Archie's 1st Birthday with family and friends, we decided to go for a Mickey Mouse theme as Archie really likes him and loved meeting him in Disneyland. We went down the black, red and yellow route to help keep costs down as parties can be expensive! Especially all of the branded Disney supplies, I found 10 Mickey cups for £5 but managed to get 50 plain red cups for the same price, I just simply stuck on two white circle stickers to make the cups looks like Mickey Mouses shorts with the buttons. 

This was the main feature of the party, we stuck balloons at the top of the wall and had streamers coming down, all of it was bought cheaply off of eBay. I made the banner myself after being shocked at the prices on Etsy, I bought coloured card and got to work, I was also able to make a lot more things using the card and it worked out 1/4 of the price to make it all instead of buying the one banner online. I bought 50 plain red plastic cups, a red table cover and Mickey Mouse plates from eBay. I then bought plain red napkins and plastic forks from Asda as well as plain red plates, I just alternated the pile of plates to keep it even between Mickey Mouse and plain red. 

I put some red, black and yellow balloons on either end of the curtain pole to add more decoration to the room. Im really happy with how good they looked, they just added more colour to the room. 

I made this sign using the rest of the coloured card, I was quite pleased with how it turned out, I know its not perfect but it just helped tie in the Mickey Mouse theme, and I like that it was personal to Archie too. I really enjoyed getting crafty these past few weeks, I really should do it more often.

The cupcakes I bought from Tesco in a big pallet, I got 18 cakes for £5 and they come with 6 vanilla, 6 strawberry and 6 chocolate frosting which was really good so I grabbed two pallets of those. (yes I did get some stares at the checkout haha) I then bought some personalised Mickey Mouse edible toppers from eBay, they have Archies name on them and number 1, I thought they added a nice touch and again helped tie in the theme.

I put Archie's figurines at the back of the table, these just added to the decoration and helped bring the Mickey Mouse theme in. Next is the cake, I did want this on the table but we had no room whatsoever to fit it on so we kept it in the kitchen. We bought some smaller Mickey Mouse clubhouse figures from the Disney Store to put on the bottom of the cake. When it was time to do the cake we took the stars off the top and put a big sparkler fountain at the back and a 1 candle near the front, it just added to the wow factor and everyone was surprised by it!

I did do party bags but stupidly never took any photos and I am so gutted I didn't as they looked really good! I bought 8 paper bags and stuck two black bits of card at the top for ears and then two white circle stickers at the bottom for the buttons. I also dotted around some of the many Mickey Mouse and friends teddies that we have, again they just helped tie in the theme. We also put some balloons and streamers in the garden as we was lucky with the weather and was able to use the garden which was nice.

I am so pleased with how the party turned out, we had such a good time celebrating with Archie. My living room was packed with family and friends and Archie enjoyed all the attention. I make a yearly montage video for each year of life for the children, so after we cut the cake we all gathered in front of the TV and watched the video. It was such a lovely day and I was absolutely shattered by the time everyone had gone home. The decorations all looked great and it was nice as we done it on a budget but managed to tie in the Mickey Mouse theme in cheaper ways instead of buying loads of branded napkins, cups etc. I would definitely recommend doing it that way, once Isla decides what party she wants I will do the same as it worked out so much cheaper. 

How do you keep costs down at your children's parties? 

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