A Day To Be Proud Of | Reliving My Childhood With My Children

On Sunday we went to the beach as the weather was actually really nice, Isla had been asking to go to the beach for ages and it was so nice to finally be able to say yes. We packed up all our stuff, you know the usuals, towels, swim clothes, 3 spare outfits for each child, nappies, wipes, food, beach tent, picnic mat, bucket and spades etc I swear people must think we are going on holiday the amount of times we take stuff out to the car and load it all up! My parents live right near the beach so we always head there first, we can also park there as well and it saves hunting for a space down by the front. 

My Dad and Perry went to put the boat in and me, my Mum and the kids headed down to the beach to set up 'camp' for the day. Once we was settled Isla got stuck in to making her sand castles and soup (water, sand, seaweed and anything else she can find all mixed in a bucket) haha. 

We had some lunch which of course had to be chips, you just cant beat them while at the beach. I always tend to crave them as well, I don't know why - do you?

Then it was time to try and get Isla on the boat, last year she was really nervous and not keen to go on at all. We are hoping to build her confidence this year with it, so we are just taking it slow for now and letting her be in control. I knew exactly how to get her on the boat and that was to put Archie on it, which is also a good thing as I want him to get use to it as well so its a win win really. After Archie had been sat on it with Perry for less than 5 minutes Isla was demanding she wanted to now go on it as well, so my plan worked very well! 

Once they had been sitting on it a little while, and once they were in their life jackets my Dad decided to take them out for a little ride, just very slowly in a circle. They both absolutely loved it, Archie was smiling away and babbling to everyone and Isla was giggling and waving - she also surprisingly enjoyed going over the little waves. They both done so well, and ended up doing a few more circles as well! Isla didn't even want to get off when it was time to come back, she wanted to go on it again. I cant wait until we can all go out properly, but for now we just need to work on building their confidence and trust with it. I grew up around boats and watersports from a early age, and my Dad also grew up around boats so we both love being able to share this experience with Isla and Archie.

I know that in those moments I was so very proud and emotional, and I can only imagine my Dad was the same. Its such a special thing to be bringing your children up around a hobby that you did as a child. Both Isla and Archie are absolute water babies, so I know in time the boat is going to be so good for them. I'm so excited for the future and the new memories we will make out on the water with them! Its also lovely as when I met Perry I introduced him into my hobby and now he loves it more than me, and he also was so proud of them both for doing so well on the boat. It was a good day for sure and one I am going to be smiling about for a while! 

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