My Wild Ones | 13

We recently got a new toy for the garden, a sand and water table which is big enough for both children to play around and enjoy together - without bickering too much! They have both been loving playing with it and seem to each have a favourite side, Archie loves splashing in the water and Isla loves playing with the sand. It was a beautiful sunny day recently so I couldn't resist grabbing a few photos of them playing. 

Her favourite is the big digger to scoop up the sand.

I love this one of Archie watching Isla. 

I love watching them play and explore together, its so enjoyable to just sit and watch them, like with Isla she was pouring the water into different objects and she seemed so fascinated by it. Archie loved splashing in the water, which probably explains why there is hardly any water left in the table, its all on the floor or over him! 



  1. Oh Tara, that looks EPIC!!! My two would love this! Although H tends to throw sand everywhere...

    Thanks for linking up to #MyWildOnes xx

    1. Its brilliant isn't it! Its the perfect toy for them both x


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