My Wild Ones | 14

On Tuesday I took the kids to Clacton for the day, the weather was absolutely beautiful and we had a lovely typical sea side day, we played on the 2p machines, ate ice cream, chips, doughnuts, went on the rides and played on the beach. I think the best bit for Isla was the rides, she really loves going on them now which is nice to see her confidence growing, of course a close second was the doughnuts, she repeatedly told me how yummy and delicious they were!

Even I ended up going on a flying elephant with her too!

It was such a lovely day and we already cant wait to go back, thats when the sun decides to come out again!



  1. How grown up does she look! Such a brave girl going on those swings too! xx

  2. Oh wow! She looks so grown up! It looks like you had a fab time!

    Thanks for linking up to #MyWildOnes xxx


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