A Weekend With Family

We had a rare weekend spending time with pretty much most of my side of the family. We was celebrating my Nan and Auntie's Birthday which happens to fall on the same day, and so we went out for a lovely meal and all spent time together. It was so nice as it rarely happens unfortunately, but when it does it is lovely; We went to a local restaurant and being near the harbour where they catch the best fish I couldn't pass on having battered cod and chips for dinner, it was so big I couldn't even get it in the frame, I am not joking when I say it come off the side of the plate, both ends!! 

How handsome does Arch look in his outfit, everyone was complementing him and giving him loads of attention which he loved. 

My Wild Ones | 16

We had some amazing weather here last week, so it was the perfect time to test out our new water slide! I think the photos speak for themselves, Isla absolutely loved it and so did Archie although I did have to help him up to the top all the time haha. It was quite difficult to get good pictures as Isla was moving so fast and I also didn't want to get to close as my camera was getting wet - photography problems right? 

I ended up putting a little bit of bubble bath on the slide and it made it even faster, I thought Isla was going to fly through the fence at one point haha! It is such great fun and I think I would be lying if I said Mummy and Daddy haven't had a cheeky go on it too! 


Budget Bathroom Challenge | Ocean Finance

Ocean Finance recently set a challenge for us to give our bathrooms a budget makeover, to show how easy it can be to transform the rooms without breaking the bank. As we rent we are quite limited to what we can do in our home, and I have to say since living here the bathrooms never got any time spent on them so I was excited for the challenge! I love how you can simply change a room by adding a bit of colour into it by using accessories like towels, bath mats etc. Being that all our bathrooms are white it was nice to easily add some colour into the rooms and bring them to life. In our house we have 3 bathrooms so I decided to use my £100 budget on all 3 of them and this is what I done...

Downstairs toilet: 

This is the most used toilet in the house, all of our guests use it and so does Isla during the day, I am a little odd and still walk upstairs to our en suite - don't ask haha! So I wanted to add some colour into it and bring it to life a little. I decided to do that by buying a new hand towel and also a mat for the floor as well, we chose the colour blue as we live near the beach and so the nautical and blues suit are home and lifestyle as well. 

So here is the toilet before the makeover, as you can see its pretty basic and colourless.

This is how it looks now..

Me & Mine | June

June went by in a flash and also meant that we are half way done with 2016!? That is just crazy to me and I cant quite get my head around it. June was a busy month with seeing family and friends, we actually had quite a nice few sunny days which was nice. We spent lots of time at the beach, managed to get both the kids out on the boat which was amazing, Isla went out on her own little jet bike and loved it, we had a fun filled Father's Day at the beach, we got the train to Clacton and had the best day with my Auntie, Isla loved going on all the rides! June also was the start of Archie walking everywhere and me having to learn to chase two children in opposite directions - which I still am trying to get the gist of if you have any tips? So here is us in June... 

Mummy's June Highlights
- OITNB.. I waited so long for this and watched the whole new season within 3 days!
- Sunny days at the beach with my family always make me happy.
- PLL is also another series and they have finally started releasing the new episodes!
- Getting Isla and Archie on the boat made me so proud.
- Getting my new Fitbit and getting my weight loss mojo back!

Daddy's June Highlights
- Getting out on the Jet bike and boat lots.
- Eating out lots and having yummy food.
- Going to our wedding venue for an event to trial food - made it so real!
- Swimming in the sea with Isla.
- Having a great Father's Day!

Isla's June Highlights
- Getting her flowers girl dress for the wedding.
- Spending lots of time at the seaside and making sand castles.
- Eating lots of ice creams.
- Making pasta necklaces at nursery.
- Going out on the boat properly with Mummy, Daddy and Grandad in the thunderstorm!

Archie's June Highlights
- Walking everywhere, and being able to stand up by himself too.
- Learning to feed himself with a spoon with hardly any mess!
- Playing in the garden is his favourite thing to do.
- Getting his 6th tooth!
- Being able to climb up on to the dining table - Mummy isn't impressed though.

The Me and Mine Project