A Weekend With Family

We had a rare weekend spending time with pretty much most of my side of the family. We was celebrating my Nan and Auntie's Birthday which happens to fall on the same day, and so we went out for a lovely meal and all spent time together. It was so nice as it rarely happens unfortunately, but when it does it is lovely; We went to a local restaurant and being near the harbour where they catch the best fish I couldn't pass on having battered cod and chips for dinner, it was so big I couldn't even get it in the frame, I am not joking when I say it come off the side of the plate, both ends!! 

How handsome does Arch look in his outfit, everyone was complementing him and giving him loads of attention which he loved. 

After our meal we headed down to the harbour for a evening stroll and watched the sunset, it was such a beautiful evening and we all laughed while watching the sea gulls swarm over us hoping one wouldn't poop on us! 

I got so many lovely photos so I could only pick a few otherwise this post would be so long, but isn't it just typical you hardly see your family all year and then in one weekend you manage to almost see them all! The next day I saw my Auntie from my Dads side and the last time I saw her was Fathers Day last year! So it was lovely to see her as well and we also spent the day at the beach which was nice. 

Tara x

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