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Ocean Finance recently set a challenge for us to give our bathrooms a budget makeover, to show how easy it can be to transform the rooms without breaking the bank. As we rent we are quite limited to what we can do in our home, and I have to say since living here the bathrooms never got any time spent on them so I was excited for the challenge! I love how you can simply change a room by adding a bit of colour into it by using accessories like towels, bath mats etc. Being that all our bathrooms are white it was nice to easily add some colour into the rooms and bring them to life. In our house we have 3 bathrooms so I decided to use my £100 budget on all 3 of them and this is what I done...

Downstairs toilet: 

This is the most used toilet in the house, all of our guests use it and so does Isla during the day, I am a little odd and still walk upstairs to our en suite - don't ask haha! So I wanted to add some colour into it and bring it to life a little. I decided to do that by buying a new hand towel and also a mat for the floor as well, we chose the colour blue as we live near the beach and so the nautical and blues suit are home and lifestyle as well. 

So here is the toilet before the makeover, as you can see its pretty basic and colourless.

This is how it looks now..

I got the hand towel and bath mat from Asda, I was drawn to the lovely colour of blue and I love how warmer it has made the toilet too. I have since added a photo in a frame above the radiator to also add some colour, its a photo of the sea from our recent trip to Rhodes and the shades of blue fit perfectly together with the mat and towel.

Main Bathroom:

This is the children's bathroom, its on their side of the house next to their bedrooms. We bath them pretty much every night in here and brush their teeth etc, the only time we use it is if we want a bath. Other than that its just for them and so I wanted to make it fun and exciting for them, this is also the room I spent the most time on as it is used a lot. So here it is before...

Here it is afterwards: 

I wanted to do them a under the water theme bathroom, so I ordered them these wall stickers off of Amazon, they were so easy to put on and also easily come off too! I also got them another bath toy storage from Amazon as well, the other one was so full it was half hanging off the wall so now we can fit all of their toys into the 2 storage systems. They already had a blue bath mat so that fits in well too with the theme, I then got them a blue towel (its hanging on the towel rail behind the door) and I also got them a bath mat from B&M Bargains, we didn't have one and now Archie is standing up and walking around the bath it was about time I got one, so when I see this one I couldn't say no as it fits the theme really well and it was only £5.99!!

The en-suite:

This is mine and Perry's en suite, its a good size with a double shower built in as well. We have a big ledge which is perfect for putting all of our toiletries on, but it has become a bit messy and looks cluttered. The shower is opposite the toilet, it was really hard to get it in the photos, but I also never changed anything with it so your not missing out haha.

Here is how it looks now.. I know it doesn't look much different but it was more about the minimal things in this bathroom. 

I also ordered this wall sticker to go above the radiator, as it is coming from China (eBay) it hasn't arrived in time for this post but I cant wait to get it up! I think it will finish the bathroom off really nicely.
I really enjoyed my challenge, it goes to show you don't need to break the bank to make changes to your home. Its crazy how much of a difference it has made by just spending a little bit of money and time on each bathroom. The kids absolutely love bath time and cant wait everyday to go see the fish, we also all have lovely soft new towels which made me realise how old and rubbish the previous ones were. I really hope you have enjoyed seeing our bathroom transformations as much as I did creating them! Next up is the bedrooms haha! If you would like to see any other interior designs then why not check out Ocean Finance's new blog here.

*I was sent £100 to spend on items for my bathroom for this post. All words are my own. 

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